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Specific items in the jungle!


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Specific items in the jungle!

As much as the game has changed since the last update of preseason, at least one thing remains the same: Wriggle's Lantern is the most popular item for AD-based junglers. According to statistics 's, has a rate of purchase of about 10 percent. This despite the introduction of an alternative element, Spirit of the Lizard Elder. However, the players who buy this article are less than 1 percent of all games.

To determine whether Wriggle is a better buy than Spirit of the Lizard Elder, the first thing would be to analyze profitability. Wriggle's Lantern costs 1600 gold. It offers 30 armor, 15 attack damage and 10% Life Steal. Worth the price in combat statistics alone, without even considering what else offers.
Wriggle's Lantern Ward also offers a free three minutes, which is worth 75 gold. If used on every cooldown, generates the equivalent of about four gold per 10 seconds. If a player buys Wriggle's within 10 minutes of a game that lasts 30 minutes, the passive Ward saves the player around 500 gold.

Spirit of the Lizard Elder gives 50 attack damage, 14 Regen seven mana regeneration and unique passive true damage. Regardless liabilities, their base stats are worth 2756 gold, 2400 gold and costs. When his two passive elements are taken into account, it is also very efficient in gold.
However, SOTEL that gold is only effective once it is fully constructed. Stone Spirit only costs 800 gold and gives no combat stat to upgrade. SOTEL is both more costly and less effective in first fights. While Wriggle offers a potent mix of offense, defense and sustain in combat, SOTEL is purely an offensive element with a little support outside of combat, rather in the jungle.

Speaking of sustain, SOTEL also provides less than what the Wriggle's. While some champions do not need more feedback on their stats, many need the Health Regen while jungleando, which is another plus of Wriggle.
As for combat statistics, the value of gold is 2000 SOTEL attack damage, plus the value of its liabilities. That liability is valuable, but scale, which means that does not reach full effectiveness until level 18. Again, Wriggle is more effective when purchased earlier.
Another important aspect of these items is their increased ability to clear the jungle, Wriggle's provides an extra 500 magic damage, with 25 percent of auto attacks a champion, totaling an average of 125 damage to each attack.
Spirit of the Lizard Elder increases damage done to the monsters in the jungle by 25 percent. If a champion autoattacks as their primary means of clearing the jungle, a champion would face more than 500 damage on each attack for that liability to deal more damage Wriggle's. (This will never happen in a real game, so it wins Wriggle here too).
To sum things up: Compared SOTEL, Wriggle costs are lower, gives more combat statistics, generates free gold with Ward, offers more sustain and great champions with auto-attack more easily clear the jungle. It is simply the best choice for junglers using automated attacks as their primary means of eliminating the jungle.

Although less efficient auto-attackers, Spirit of the Elder Lizard is not a bad item. For junglers using skills to clear jungle camps, is more useful purchase. These same champions also benefit more than its liabilities, and that can be applied to multiple enemies in a team fight. Hecarim and Skarner are good examples of these champions.
In conclusion, it is logical that Wriggle Lantern is more popular than SOTEL: Item is better in most champions, while SOTEL more than one purchase is more restricted. For some champions, is a great pick-but overall, Wriggle is still king of the jungle.

xKordraGx posted at 2013-04-13 22:51:15

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