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Shaco - My Scumbag Champion


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League of Legends

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Shaco - My Scumbag Champion

Okay first of all I want you guys to know that Shaco is my best pick in LoL. And let's get started!
1. Berserker's greaves - Attack Speed! Pawn your prey as fast as you can.
2. Phantom Dancer - Attack Speed! Pawn your prey as fast as you can. Movement Speed! Catch up your enemy or run while your Deceive is cooling down.
3. Bloodthirster - Life steal + damage. More damage means more life steal.
4. Infinity Edge - Critical! Pawn an AD champ in just 3-8 hits. With high AD and attack speed, more damage for critical and more critical strikes in few seconds.
5. another BT/PD - Strengthen more or be faster. Assassin's gotta be like this.
6. Guardian Angel - You're a paper, in case the enemy gets lucky on hitting you instead of your clone.
Summoner Spell
1. Teleport - Gank in the very unexpected situation.
2. Ignite - In case you can't catch up your enemy whose low on health because of towers.
stick with the pure AD builds.
1st thing to do:
be quick, buy Doran's blade and the rest of your money to health potions. Go immediately to the blue rune area and learn Jack in the Box. Start planting at 0:55 at the point where the blue rune monster spawns. You'll have enough Jacks to accompany you and get the blue rune then learn Deceive, next is to gank either the nearest lane to you or at the mid. Decide depending on the situation. One's you success, stay on your lane and spam your enemy with your knife throw skill until your blue buff is with you. Keep on ganking other lanes when you have teleport.
Mid game:
Just keep your duty as a ganker and push some towers. Feel free to use your clone to help you on pushing. Also, be sure to pawn enemies as much as you can to stop them from having their late game strengths.
Late game:
As much as possible I don't want to get the game on this situation because enemies usually use oracle, the weakness of all invi champs. But still, you can pawn some champs if you have my recommended build.

Teammates are very important because Shaco is still an AD with low health.

VintageGV posted at 2013-04-24 08:57:52

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