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High Elo Orianna Guide

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League of Legends

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High Elo Orianna Guide



-Summoner Spells

-Skill Leveling


-Skill Breakdown



-Runes and Masteries

-Tips and Tricks




-Hi, I am a high elo league of legends player (fishysushi) that started in Season 1 at 600 elo (lower than bronze V equivalent and didn't even get the bronze summoner icon) and ended the last Season 4 peaking in Diamond at 2400 elo. Here I would like to share my experience and skills with Orianna to you so that you can climb elo. Keep in mind though these are all my PERSONAL PREFERENCES and tips on how to play Orianna that I've learned myself throughout my gaming career.


-Ignite/Flash - This is my go to set of summoner spells because of my aggressive style of laning. This allows me to open up more opportunities to dominate my own lane to help dominate the whole game. Keep in mind though that I've been able to use these summoner spells to their full potential because of my knowledge of Orianna and League of Legends.

-Exhaust/Flash - I've tried both Ignite/Flash and Exhaust/Flash many times and found that exhaust is very helpful for when you're laning against someone like Zed/Talon/Leblanc or pretty much anyone that you might have trouble laning against. I personally started using ignite all the time because I have learned Orianna in-depth and have adapted to these many types of champions.

-Barrier or Heal/Flash - Sort of like Exhaust/Flash this is a passive set of summoner spells and if you take these do not expect getting significantly ahead of your lane without any outside help.


E - Q - W - Q - Q - R - Q - W - Q - W - R - W - W - E - E - R - E - E


-Dorans Ring 2 hp pots              Against AD -Dorans Ring 2 hp pots

-Amplifying tome                                    -Amplifying tome

-Fiendish Codex                                       -Seeker's Armguard

-Sorcerer's Shoes                                     -Sorcerer's Shoes

-Forbidden Idol                                        -Fiendish Codex

-Morellonomicon                                      -Forbidden Idol

-Switch from yellow to red trinket             -Morellonomicon

-Rabadon's Deathcap                                 -Switch from yellow to red trinket

-Zhonya's Hourglass                                  -Needlessly Large Rod

-Void Staff                                               -Zhonya's Hourglass

-Will of the Ancients                                 -Void Staff

-Upgrade red trinket to oracles                  -Will of the Ancients

-Elixir of Sorcery                                       -Upgrade red trinket to oracles

                                                            -Elixir of Sorcery


-Passive: "Clockwork Windup"

           - Adds bonus scaling AP to your auto attacks

           - Stacks and does more damage if you attack the same target more than once

           - Allows your auto attacks to do way more than most other AP carries

           - Helps you cs in lane

-Q: "Command: Attack"

           - Gives you so much harass and damage from a safe distance

           - Easy wave clear

           - Sets up all your other abilities and zones the entire team

-W: "Command: Dissonance"

           - With your q, at mid to late game, will burst almost any carry 1/3 of their health

           - Gives a massive speed boost or slow depending on ally on enemy to help engage

           - Clears waves

-E: "Command: Protect"

           - A very big shield that travels to an ally champions and damages enemies on the way

           - Helps to disengage an ally that was caught out

           - With W, can give you or an ally a speed boost and enemies near you a slow and damage

-R: "Command: Dissonance"

           - Use at right time to decimate and disposition an entire enemy team from a safe distance

           - Game changer

           - Has a lot larger range than you think



- Bursts like an aoe Leblanc, plays safer than a turtle         

- Crazy aoe to turn teamfights around                               

- Not many counters                                                       

- Strong throughout the game



-Difficult to master

-Unique play style to adapt to

- Only cons are that she's difficult to understand in-depth but once you figure her out she's a monster





-To clear waves just walk up to first minion, Q through the whole wave, E back, Q through whole wave again

- To harass simply q them and w, then since your ball is already close to them so q them again at safe distance (its like impossible to dodge), rinse and repeat until preferably low with an E in there to shield some possible trade from them

- E to an ally being attacked by enemies, or Q to your enemies then R W for a devastating Aoe combo


-9x Greater Mark of Magic Penetration - Magic pen in marks is a lot higher than just regular ap on marks

-9x Greater Seal of Scaling Health - Helps defend you from bursts late game AD or AP

-9x Greater Glyph of Magic Resist - The most efficient Glyph

-3x Great Quintessence of Ability Power - AP to give your abilities a little head start

7.8  Magic Pen

216  Health at level 18

12.1 Magic Resist

14.9 Ability Power


-Just keep your Q near your enemies or blocking a choke point - Great zoning and if not zoning they are just taking free damage

-Your ultimate has a larger range than you think because you think it's the same as your W but it's near 2x larger so you can pull in enemy champions from the corners of the map into your massacre

-You can flash Q R W for a surprise aoe meltdown when the enemy is grouped. This will give them almost no time to react and you can catch many people out with this

-Don't be afraid to use your ultimate at the perfect time! Sometimes it is better to use it to catch out one important person and kill them. A 5v4 will give lots of advantages.

-Don't underestimate your enemy or your damage. After Orianna does her full combo she'll be relying on her Q damage until her W comes back so make sure you're not trying to 1v1 them the entire time you're waiting. Also your full combo does a lot of damage too so don't always think they'll win that 1v1

-Delayed ultimate. You can harass with your combo (2nd combo listed) then once your enemy goes near the edge you can R pulling them back towards you and giving you time to have your Q and W come back from cooldown

-Flash Ultimate - This is different. You can have the ball on yourself and mid cast flash somewhere and the damage will be where you flashed to. Good for catching out people but be careful because it puts you in a dangerous position sometimes.


-Just farm up until level 3 or 4 then you can start harassing effectively because before then the minions will aggro you if you attack their enemy champion and minions at that time do a LOT of damage.

-Ward up! Don't forget about your trinket or buying wards when you need them

-Beginning of the game you should defend your jungle entrances for invades instead of sitting at your tower. Showing that you know that they're coming usually stops them from trying to invade.


-Stay in the back! Your Q range is long enough to damage anyone

-If you know you can land a good ultimate right then, do it. It's now or never.

-Shield people that are taking damage when you're disengaging and speed boost with W

-Great time to ulti is when you're disengaging. They're all thinking about running towards you so they will usually be grouped up and since they're going towards you your ball will get to them twice as fast giving them no time to react.

-A general combo is QW enemy E an ally Q in again and try and ult

Here’s an example of the capabilities Orianna has in teamfights:


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