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High Elo ADC guide

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League of Legends

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High Elo ADC guide

Hi, my name is Samuel and today I will be teaching you the fundamentals of an adc player. Hope you like my guide and most importanly enjoy it!

Table of Contents:

1. Creep Killing (CS= Creep score)

 2. Fundamentals     

3. Positioning

4. Orb Walking

5. Runes/Build

6. Tips


CS: Alright creep killing is one of the most important things you need to do to be successful at being a good ADC. The reason is if both sides were at a stalemate or you were at a disadvantage creep killing would be the only possible way to catch up besides racking up assists. Practice in normal games and never stand still when going for a last hit always move side to side. 



The basic summoner spells for an adc would be Flash/Heal this would be the primary. Depending on the team composition Flash/Barrier could be viable still. Some examples would be a champion's spell that has heal reduction. Next up is dodging. If you can't dodge do not play adc, this role would not be meant for you as you are one of the key players in the game. Learning to predict while dodging is essential because you are one of the squishest champions in the game. Leveling up the right abilities, essentially its always damage first but due to what you are against long range,defensive, or anything can be leveled up. What is right and what is wrong, go by your instincts do not be stupid and think that you can 4v1. When you die think of it as you losing 4 family members each time you die. Its rare to win a 4v5 and the game is not over till its over. Knowing your champion, this is a key trait that not all players can do even at high levels. Knowing how much damage can open up your options way more than not knowing. Diving is less risky and etc. Last but not least knowing the cool downs of summoner spells and looking at your map. Writing down the timers of their summoner spells can open up decisions to dive and start fights/seizing towers. One trick to not get ganked is to have a pink ward and always look at your map when you're done farming, or when you feel like its safe to check. Multi tasking is also a good idea and the best way to keep yourself safe. 


Positioning is to know where to be at at the right time. Positioning is not very hard and I'm pretty sure everyone can do this. Stand behind tanks or anyone that peels for you. Aim at the people you can and if possible at the enemy adc or enemy mid. It does not mean you always have to be behind your support/tank you can always flank and position behind them when there are few in numbers. 

Orb walking:

Easiest thing to do for an adc. It is to get the most auto attack output and movement. Its either auto attack/moving foward or auto attack/move backwards. It is basically kiting the enemy in other words. Mostly used against melee champs so if its a range champ do not treat the enemy same as a melee. 


I don't know much about this one it always changes because of nerfs and buffs. The standard adc runes is 

-9x Greater mark of damage

-9x Greater seal of armor

-9x Greater glyph of Magic Resist or 4x Greater glyph of attack speed and 5 Greater glyph of Magic resist

-2X Greater Quintessence of Attack speed and 1x Greater Quintessence of damage


Standard build - Berserkers Greaves, Phantom Dancer, Last Whisper, Infinity Edge, Bloodthirster or Blade of the ruined king, Banshess Veil or Ga or Quicksilver ( any defensive item depending on the situation). 


Do not blame the support when you die, this often costs the game for your team. Always ask for peels for you and never ever get mad at people other than you taking the kills. Always work as a team and follow the steps above and you will become a successful adc in no time as long as you practice and work hard. 

One of the best adcs :


Vayne just cause she my babe: 

Thanks for reading my guide! Hope you liked it and if you did give it a Fan.

samuelrock00 posted at 2015-01-31 21:47:14

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