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guide (corki)


Phosphorous bomb - Corki light throws a bomb to a place and blind to targets near the explosion. This attack also reveals stealthed units around the impact zone.
Deals 80/130/180/230/280 (+0.5) damage to enemies in the target area. The explosion reduced a 35% chance to bash enemies and reveals for 3 seconds at nearby stealthed units.

It is a very useful skill, is the first that must be maxeada.

Valkyrie - Corki progresses to a point dropping bombs that cause a wave of destruction on enemies who remain in the fire.
Corki progresses to a point, dealing 60/90/120/150/180 (+0.4) damage every second to enemies caught in the fire leaves behind.

Good enough to escape enemies, is perfect to keep you gankeen, has a low cooldown and because of this you avoid pinching your flash.

Canyon repetition - repetition The gun performed every half second Corki several shots inflict a quarter of its total damage and destroy the armor of the enemies under continuous fire.
The gun shoots Corki repeat during 3/3.5/4/4.5/5 seconds to all targets in front of him, inflicting a quarter of its total damage and eliminating Armor 1/2/3/4/5 points for each shot . Armor reduction continues while the enemy is under continuous fire.

The best Corki ability, thanks to this and a black cleaver / knife black do overwhelming damage 5vs5 fights.

Missile Barrage - Corki fires a projectile at a given location and strikes that reach the first enemy, dealing damage to surrounding units. Corki stores one missile every 14 seconds, until a maximum of 7. Each room will be huge projectile.
Corki fired at a point a projectile hits the first enemy to reach. Each missile inflicts 125/200/275 (+0.3) magic damage in the area.

Corki stores one missile every 14 seconds, until a maximum of 7 missiles in a given time.
Each room will be huge projectile.

Pretty good in group fights, when you have an advanced level with Corki, you should keep track of the missile, and that the fourth missile sets will double the damage and hit enemies in a much wider area.

Higher order skills.

A. - Q
2. - W
3. - Q
4. - E
5. - Q
6. - R
7. - Q
8. - E
9. - Q (maxed)
10. - R
11. - E
13. - E (maxed)
14. - W
15. - W
16. - R
17. - W
18. - W (maxed)

When in battle, I recommend following this sequence, each can use the obvious choice may be thousands, and it is clear that there is always the idyllic, if 1vs1 and I usually exhaust accounts hhacer W, Q, E , R, R, R and repeat with the Q. The W's use if I'm too far so that if I center it does not give you time to react, and when it has realized life is half, but W can be saved in case you need to flee.

I usually play more or less passive to level 6 missiles that increases your damage, but if you see the one on your line items that will not regenerate life, you can play wear using the Q, giving the minions to while you hurt your opponent. But this is better that you find a style of play that suits you more.


I explain that there are variations, so I'm going to put some people use and comment some variation, but the items tend to be practically the same.

Home -> Sapphire Crystal / Crystal Shapire, Potion of life + mana potion.
950g -> Catalyst / Catalyst (this is variable, you may find yourself won the first blood or not, more or less is usually at or around level 6 if you have ido normal).
-> Boots berserker / berserker boots when you get caught incidentally starts buying boots at least 1, and then you can start ganking on the contrary if you see lines going well)
-> Brightness / Sheen - One of the best items, because each time you use a spell, Corki physical damage will be increased by 80%, making it one of the best items.
-> Black cleaver / knife black - When you've reached this point do devastating damage as between reducing armor machine gun and the object of the enemy's armor will be virtually reduced to 0.
Very late game -> force Trinity / Trinity
-> Black cleaver / veil

Rarely get to have the Trinity, if the game is stretched too much or you get get all the kills, then probably get, but for the last 2 objects we are talking about 45 minutes of departure.


I have the game in English, so I'll put what runes are, but not its name because it's a pain to be looking.


Armor Penetration, this is indisputable, SMG + runes + nonsense black blade damage.


This goes a little taste, I've seen it all, but I think I'll take the life per level, reached at life at level 10, which is when they start fighting group. You can also take the dodge but not see them very successful.


Also several options, these really do not vary much mechanics, some recommend mana regen or mana as Corki has little mana at the beginning and is quite noticeable mana consumption, although having a catalyst to level 6 do not think you have a lot mana problems. I am personally trying to reduce the cooldown / cooling.


I think it varies, we are living well in early game, those of 32hp, or if you want more damage, since armor penetration. I personally took 2x armor penetration and 1 of 32 hp, but as you look or what you have on hand will make your setup.

I also tested the crit, not bad, but it is clear that the armor penetration do far more damage. At first played with the critic because it had good armor penetration but you see that as you go.

There are several options, and this can always vary depending on the setup of your premade (if you play in it, or how you play). Mainly would exhaust + cleanse.

So with this I will talk about the items, that is as out of the guide as they have been things I've tried. As for the sequence of items, I tried to skip the catalyst, going straight for the brightness and then the trinity force, the brightness is fine as it is when you start seeing how your character really sticks, but pinching after trinity is a mistake, because the black blade makes a myriad of damage when coupled with the machine gun. The security that gives the catalyst line is incredible because it is a life and mana regen quite remarkable, helps you be more active in line the other way had to be back to buy potions and such very often.

As already mentioned the possibility of using runes instead of crit armor penetration, not bad but not what has more synergy.


Corki is a carry dps does abysmal damage at the time that control is a bit silly, but has a handicap from my point of view and the need to be in the middle. I tried to play in the middle and on one side, it clearly shows in all Corki champions but even more because when they start fighting group if you've been on one side you see that your character does not hurt. Not just another evolutionary chars in the game such as ashe annie twitch while still on the sides can be moments of the fight to do more damage than even the center.

A level 5-6 can go increasing your rate of experience, you should use Valkyrie + pump of phosphorus to charge you half ghosts, this makes with the minions, you still gain more experience and money. You can go with Valkyrie from the side walls and jumping, never jump in front because it happened to me hehe. Using the Valkyrie and the pump are dead 12x3 + 35x1 and enough money and while the other looks.

If you look in your safe or trusted online you can download others to gank, this will make you get the kills if you grow so exorbitant, but be careful, you might get left behind in level with respect to the medium if have not got gank effectively. This should do so from level 8.

Raze minions, as I said the missile is a very powerful weapon when you reach level 6, you kill the minions with only 1 pump + missile, with this you loads 4 at a time, the machine gun is also effective but the cost of mana fires, except that with those 2 if your opponent goes between the minions will be affected. You must count the missiles because 4 has more range, damage and area of ​​effectiveness, I try to get 3 to the minions of the way and 4 colárselo told the enemy.

enjoy it !

wester9913 posted at 2012-02-04 19:50:02

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