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Amumu, the Sad Mummy[AP/TANK jungler]...!!


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League of Legends

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Amumu, the Sad Mummy[AP/TANK jungler]...!!


Damage 47 (+3.8 / per level)
Health 472 (+84 / per level)
Mana 220 (+40 / per level)
Move Speed 335
Armor 18 (+3.3 / per level)
Spell Block 30 (+1.25 / per level)
Health Regen 7.45 (+0.85 / per level)
Mana Regen 6.5 (+0.525 / per level)
Amumu is one of those champions that hard to play, but it is the easiest. It's all about timing and position you occupy and team. Using your R Curse of the Mummy sad can turn the tide in a teamfight if used correctly. In addition, it will need some time to get used to Launch bandages in order to be as accurate with it. Although this is a champion Amumu very gratifying that fits a wide range of compositions of equipment. That's why usually normal RANKED see banned in Games.
Summoner Spells:

flash and smite


3 Large Quintessence of Speed
1.5% Movement Speed
9 Large Glyph of Protection
0.15 magic resist per level. (2.7 @ 18)
9 Large Glyph of Power
0.99 Ability Power
9 Great Seal of the Resistance
1.41 Armor
9 Large Brand of the Resistance
0.91 Armor
9 Large Mark of Insight
0.95 Magic Penetration

As you can see in the header I put more runes than allowed, so I will explain the different pages I use with Amumu runes.

Amumu is a sad and stubborn character why going very slow, so I use 3 Large Quintessence of Speed. These runes we guarantee

Usually I use 9 Large Glyph of Power because I like to play very aggressive and is really helpful in ganks and influences the speed to clean the jungle. But as with the new update has increased the price of magic resistance and reduced the amount you get, so it is crucial the role of the AP in the new metagame and therefore need to be stopped somehow so I use 9 Greater Glyph of Protection.
I will wonder because I use runes per level, but when we really should interest is in Mid / Late Game so the use.

Well with the new jungle system require the use of 9 Great Seal of Resistance against damage to creatures.

Because of the new system can be used Jungle 9 Large Brand of the Resistance which guarantees you a successful start and in turn can curb AD CARRY / offtank.
Although I still use my beloved 9 Large Mark of Insight allow me much harm as it applies Touch damn passive.



Well as there are no icons for masters wear what they do and why I choose each option.
I will use a 0/21/9 Masters, playing with an AP Amumu-TANK, although I have also used and are very successful 9/12/9.


Improved Cleanse, Heal, Smite, Barrier With this mastery will give us an extra 10 gold coins. While not a huge amount, the gold in the jungle is rather small compared with the lines, so it is much appreciated.
3% Reduced damage taken basic survival kit. It helps us to reduce ALL damage taken to both champions jungle perfect for tanks.

+2 Reduced damage from monsters It helps in the survival of the jungle.

Deals 6 true damage to minions attacking you monster or weakening the jungle It helps us be less useful as game progresses, but the advantage of this expertise will increase the time you can continue farming back.

Armor +5 basic survival kit of a jungler. Firstly reduces damage from neutral monsters camps, but extra armor is always useful for a tank.

+3.5 Magic Resist

+5% Armor and Magic Resist It gives us a significant amount of armor to be in the middle of the teamfight

+1.5 Health per Level (27 at level 18) additional life increases which gives us something more than survival.

+15% Reduced crowd control effects (stacks multiplicatively) helps us reduce DC Boots also stakea with mercury so that we can be the focus and not realize.

+15% Reduced slows basic survival kit for a tank because you can escape easily CC.

+2% Movement Speed When above 70% health Very useful for moving through the jungle from the start, and also to advance on the enemy team, since bands with Launch of initiator allows teamfights and thus reach the enemy.


Improved Revive, Teleport, Flash, Clarity, Clairvoyance This will reduce the cooldown of your Flash, which is the most useful summoner spell in my opinion.

+20% Duration of shrine, relic, quest, and neutral monster buffs basic survival kit for junglers. Amumu buff is dependent blue with this will be able to retain longer blue so that will help significantly.

Summoner Spell +4% Reduced Cooldown The goal is to reduce time to crush to get more gold in the early and our Flash.

+3 Mana Regen per 5 seconds Amumu Very useful as it gives you an extra mana never hurts.

+10 Mana per level (180 at level 18) or +8.5 Energy (flat bonus) A little more mana never hurts, besides the very useful for startup.

Cursed Touch (passive):

Amumu's passive is perfect for a synergy with your MID or AP TOP (such as Cho'gath), if I remember correctly can be as low as 25 magic resistance (which is no small thing) thing that will help markedly in ganks and also gives some advantage when cleaning the jungle. Also stackea Abyssal Scepter perfectly so that you reduce the bulk of your opponent's magic resistance.

Remember that to apply you have to use passive autoatacks therefore not obceques in spamming and be patient, really like works.

Bandage Toss:

Amumu's Q does magic damage and scales with AP. It is important to note how far reaching this ability, because there are very few champions that can stun a greater distance. (The only three champions that can perform such a feat are Ashe with her Enchanted Crystal Arrow, Xerath, and Sejuani) Use this range to catch your enemy by surprise. There are many uses for this ability, such as initiation, chasing, ganking and escape (extremely rare and situational). Despite these various uses, its usefulness is limited Junglear (you can save quite bluntly to kill different creatures).

The animation is slow in comparison with most skillshots. Should therefore place the ability slight in front of the path of the opponent to compensate. In ganks, no need to use bandages Launch immediately after stunning as you can get away using Flash. In order to prevent escape us, we could chase and intimidate until placed at an angle that makes it much easier to gankeo.
Remember that most fail if you fail ganks Launch of bandages.


Our Sunfire Cape especially, it's so magical damage combined with a percentage of maximum health. This ability is what allows us to be junglers because while Amumu is slow to kill a neutral monster, it makes because it can kill several at once. Outside the jungle, highlights the great ability to provide the teamfight damage. The percentage of damage that scales with maximum health is allowing health Amumu terrible drain champions and make counterpick of Dr. Mundo, Cho'Gath, Sion or Vladimir, all of which are known for their tendency to have a lot of life either through their skills or due to the synergy with the objects.

If you start running out of mana, use this as your primary damage. It is the ability to more damage / mana ratio which makes a champion Amumu very effective.


The passive E comes to our hair to the jungle and we guarantee it's survival and significant savings in potions. And its active is our main source of damage and has a very low cooldown time but can leave out of mana very fast despite its ridiculous cost.

The real extent of Tantrum is larger than the associated animation.
Because passive damage reduction and its active Tantrum, we want that when we make a gank creeps attack us in order to reduce its CD and do more damage.

Curse of the Sad Mummy:

Finally our dear R, not much to say about it is perfect for you will not escape any bird nest. But has a very high CD.

Curse of the sad mummy is a trap, not a stun. This means you will not stop channeling abilities like Katarina or Nunu ultimates. If you want to stop these ultimates, you have to hit with Launch of bandages.
The Curse of the sad mummy is mainly useful for blocking enemy champions, not for the damage. Therefore, be careful not to waste it on champions who have a skill that allows them to escape with her as Unbreakable Will Alistar, Gangplank with Scurvy, Vladimir in Sanguine Pool, Fizz with Trickster or Olaf with Ragnarok.

This ability serves to counteract many teams? Teams AD or compositions focus on auto attacks because while under the influence can not perform autoatacks.

Like any champion of League of Legends, Amumu has its strengths and weaknesses. So make a small analysis and see because it's a good idea to pick our favorite mum. If your computer lacks thickness is required as Amumu jungler, able to work wonders with his AoE and CC. More specifically, Amumu synergizes well with compositions champs computer attacks area having a large burst or damage due to its passive.

Order of skills:

The priority will raise the skills R> E> Q> W

Why this order?
Start with the W for us easier and faster to jungle at level 2 the E will help with the survival of the jungle, and Level 3 the Q ganks to begin well. Will give priority to E, then Q bands to use twice in the same gank and finally the W to the end teamfights.

Objects, order and Explanation:

In our first back always compare Stone Boots of Speed + spiritual and if you spare some the supplies (vision + Guardian Life Potion) you think necessary.

The following giant belt bought back at this time you have to choose if you want to be more or less offensive, but before finish Sunfire Cape, this object is essential to expedite clearing the jungle and stay longer in power lines also increases your damage by area.

In case you have already a Tank (or more) on the computer you can choose to buy Spectrum Ghostly Spirit and finish Mercury's Treads as the need to reduce CC.

Should you be the Main Tank will choose to buy Spirit of the Ancient Golem and finish with any of these Ninja Tabi Boots Boots of Swiftness Sorcerer's Shoes mobility according to the game situation.

Glacial Shroud will continue, which will become subsequently Ice Gauntlet and if another against a team with a lot of AD will choose to make the Heart of ice.

If our Support or any member of our team has purchased Aegis of the Legion will no longer buy the Bulwark runic. Then we will choose one Armor Warmog rushear always starting with Giant's Belt.

We would be a final inventory space will be the OBJECT SITUATIONAL, and there may be many objects that we serve, but I have chosen the following:

Abyssal Scepter stacks with your passive and gives extra magic defense never hurts.
Liandry Torment if very offensive play against a team with a Cho'Gath, Dr. Mundo, Volibear, Despair advantage to use to always have this passive activates the object.
Zhonya's Hourglass if you have a team with a lot of AD. Besides, with the bracelet tracker can buy it ahead of time as it gives us everything we need (Arm / Rev).
Guardian Angel If you're the main tank and be essential in battle, this object will guarantee your survival.
Randuin's Omen If face a full AD team.


I'll explain it boots and when to use them. We begin with the mercury boots, will be used as long as we will not use the Spirit of Ancient Golem since each stackean not.

If we chose the Ancient Golem Spirit, we can buy any of these boots; Ninja Tabi Boots Boots of Swiftness Sorcerer's Shoes mobility according to the game situation.

We will use Ninja Tabi if we face a team AD and we intend to make dives very soon.

We will use the Sorcerer's Shoes always we'll play offensive, you should abuse the Midlane BOTLANE and as you make more damage.

Among the rapidly Boots Boots mobility, which we use as differentiating. Well, very simple first have to assess whether our enemy team has many escape routes, such as jumping or slows, then to ensure that they choose the boots reached quickly. In case you want to gank smoothly and pace the enemy jungle will use mobility boots.


+ Brutal Ultimate

+ Massive AoE

+ Lots of CC

+ Ganks efficient

+ Ridiculous time to time to clean the jungle

+ Very balanced champion TANK / Output DMG


- Weak in early game

- Susceptible to be gankeado while Jungleâ

- Depends on the Blue Buffo to be efficient

- The Ultimate CD has a very high

- It takes time to get used to the Launch of bandages.

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