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Alistar, the Minotaur [jungler!]


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League of Legends

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Alistar, the Minotaur [jungler!]

Riot hates Alistar with all his strength, not to take things and then tested again put to remove them again, and even they put bugs weaker meaning to do just as where not to his stun Skull Bash 0.5 seconds, but the community will miss them over and finally seems to have stabilized at a brutal combination since the S3 Alistar now has gained enormously.
Why? Because the junglers have nerfed pretty much equating things and especially for giving us very useful items especially Gauntlet as ice. Alistar The ultimate weapon that explain later.
And let's be clear about something. Alistar Jungler is the head of the game, the main protagonist, or ap carrys or nothing. He has the weight of the game, he is the one fighter who starts, who pursues, who runs, who tanked, who kills and who protects.
Make no mistake, the defeats and the victories depend entirely on how well you juguéis and cometais few faults, ye shall be the team leader and the choice of decisions for you to take with Alistar will decide the game.

Damage 55.03 (+3.62 / per level)
Health 442 (+102 / per level)
Mana 215 (+38 / per level)
Move Speed 330
Armor 14.5 (+3.5 / per level)
Spell Block 30 (+1.25 / per level)
Health Regen 7.25 (+0.85 / per level)
Mana Regen 6.45 (+0.45 / per level)
Runes :

9 Large Mark of Alacrity
1.7 Attack Speed
9 Great Seal of the Resistance
1.41 Armor
9 Large Glyph of Protection
0.15 magic resist per level. (2.7 @ 18)
3 Large Quintessence of Speed
1.5% Movement Speed
for attack speed. Useful in two ways.
1 - junglear faster
2 - And the most important thing to take better advantage of Unbreakable Will because the effect of the increased damage it'll apply with more cadence and do more damage. It is of great importance in the 1 VS 1 versus carrys.
armor to withstand more enemies in jungle and vs.
To increase the resistance maxima so magical, as we will be the subject of much focus and spells to relentizarnos and stand.
Summoner Spells:

Flash and Smite


The Masteries may be surprised what most people but are really more useful for Alistar Jungler:
The Flash on Alistar is the ace in the hole, the champion that best use this ability throughout the LoL and performance that will take more because with it you can start to Malphite and you can do even more, then explain later.
So Summoner's Insight and mastermind, are imprescindibles.En As for gold, enlisting necessary because it will not kill 200 creeps and always comes in handy, aside from being able to go out with five pots of it is pretty bad junglear to beginning of the game in this S3. In the moving speed of 5% + 4.5% rune make 9.5%, which together with their boots 436 arrive at improved so irias speed faster than the speed of boots as it gives mobility but actively 410 constant and 25% slow-down resistance.
Many of the defensive branch Masters with Unbreakable Will you and the jump, breaking stuns slows and such but the damage reduction. Just think that it is useless to have more life and more damage reduction if we are useful to wander more than a team battle.

Hunter's Machete potions of life + 4x + 1 ward, we should start with this first go to minute 1:00 to plant the ward at the Lizard RED for when we lvl 2 and when we assaulted a line, our next move is theft Lizard. I usually do a combo on the enemy jungler while I Smite. Typically run 90% of the time.
Boots of speed, speed is 436 boots along with improved swiftly and with speed increasing percentages of Masters and runes, besides the 25% slow-down resistance. Greater than the mobility boots (410) without any runes or Masters.
Spirit of Lizard Elder, Our next item. Alistar is what you need, CDR, regeneration, increased damage to junglear agusto creeps and especially his passive, it works with our own and with our damage area.
Ice Gauntlet, This is the ultimate weapon of Alistar. CDR Armor, Mana well, the effect of increased damage, area of effect damage that slows down and kill hordes spray combined with in 1 second and especially the slow-down, which used with your speed and Skull Bash + autoattack, you get curb these carrys after escaping to spray and go back to using the effect of ice Gauntlet SLOW.
Protection of the legion, led by Alistar This item is more useful than carried by the support as you hold better than a support and above all gives you that necessary magic resistance Bulwark become Runic, which together with Great Glyph of Protection makes start to be very resistant to magic. We must also say that you can access before it is accessed by the support, helping the team before.
Spirit Visage, Your CDR, his life and magic resistance are perfect to complement end. To this we must add that when you have this item, triumphant roar and a high level will have to help better passive healing by this object.
Guardian Angel, This is the last item added as a supplement if the game is stretched a lot or if you have won a lot of gold. It is just OP for those last battles of 5 vs 5 for being raised, can keep playing hard.
THE full CDR will be of 36%. luxury.
(Laughter here xD)
Phantom Dancer -------> Seras the carry: If you have a good game without error the most likely to have good money and you can go for this item and perhaps sacrificing so I invite you to try it. As I said in a response to a comment, we need items that enhance our basic attacks because with the AP and low climbing lose money trying to have a really high AP. With the CDR% and you will have 36% and the AD'll do damage on every shot but with a high rate so that it is not useful.
With attack speed better take advantage of the ultimate and do good damage per second when your abilities are waiting to be reactivated. With good attack speed also better take advantage while your enemies are stun to make more damage.
So resumiento, Pillate the Phantom Dancer and give you optimal improvements for basic attacks are going to make and that increase movement speed OP.

It has everything
Mobility, defense, health, armor, CDR, mana, damage ... Absolutely versatile and complete. Very hard to kill and that when he uses his ultimate, his stuns and escapes with his speed forever.
Your chance to Dive in towers and carrys get them without having to use even your ultimate.

The start at the very beginning in the jungle is pathetic. Need help.

Skull Bash + Atutoattack (If you click the button to attack the enemy while flying, ready made 1 hit): Very useful if you use Ice Gauntlet because that punch applies the op damage and the slow-down so we reach running though it 've pushed, just for now reuse and reapply Stun Ice Gauntlet, while loading the spray and using Roar triumphant Skull Bash to return to have the effect of Skull Bash gauntlet ... and again, Spraying ... etc. This procedure applies a lot of damage and especially scary as these continually stopped, throttled back and unable to do much more to think about as you take the bull off.
Headbutt + COUP (Ice Gauntlet), run to him, spraying, SLAM (Ice Gauntlet), triumphant roar, SLAM (Ice Gauntlet), unshakeable, SLAM (Ice Gauntlet), header, SLAM (Ice Gauntlet) punverizacion, SLAM (Ice Gauntlet) This always waiting for the cooldown Ice Gauntlet. Can you can give time to make another autoattack between Gauntlet cooldown, but be sure you do not use any skills when the Ice Gauntlet is disabled because Alistar has very high cooldowns.
Do not be alarmed when coding in 1 vs 1 against the enemy carry (unless you are fed) because when coding in possession of Gauntlet ice and fresh tactics discussed the efficient use of this item, the carry is always going to initially trying to kill and fight you because we recognize it, we support a cow that has gotten into the jungle and that little can be done, but the carry what you do not know is that with the CDR armor, increased damage, the heal, and others .... when you want to run and has 50% of life, which we do not care because our movement speed and glove SLOW effect, it is very difficult that may escape.
With lvl 6, and when enemies in very advanced BOT Esten, attempts to pass from behind the tower with your ultimate to hold those 2 or 3 beams you will throw, then use your Skull Bash and your spraying with the carry and so help out your fellow BOT secured the kill.
This tactic can be done even with lvl 2 and taking a big risk if the tower is shooting Creeps, or if you use Flash + Skull Bash movement and cover great distance. NEVER has to be done before level 6 against a taric of support or even Blitz lux as savvy as they come and see you, you stunean inside the tower and when your team started to call you noob. With level 6 you have to wait for you to see, to that Taric for example you throw your stun, you use Unbreakable Will and you can fuss.
To gank in any line have to be careful and realize there are champions who will evade your W always in middle and high ELO as: Ezreal, Fizz, Graves, Kassadin (6), ...!!
To these must be careful and have some idea that they are not like everyone else.
katarina will be a free kill your brain as "click!" in one respect: Katarina ALWAYS used the jump to escape Skull Bash Alistar, usually do so when are you at a distance and what she expected, useis it so you have to go with the idea already and your finger ready on Q Spray for when you jump up and then push it stunearla your AP carry. It's fast so as I said, prepared with the finger on the Q lol.
fizz and Kassadin is almost impossible cojerlos with your Skull Bash so you have to come from behind and approach them from behind, his Reccion shall be to wait for you to do your Skull Bash as they run towards their tower. But seeing that you do not use at the end they get nervous and end up jumping being normally Remote so you can do after spraying and Skull Bash. Basically backwards from what you have to do to enter the lines with the other enemies.
Ezreal If you enter from the river to the thought that: when I see the ward will try to run to his tower (probably hidden by the rain), but will wait to use your ability to jump right when you make your Skull Bash. All good Ezreals do that and stay with stupid face. With enlist give the W a distance to push against the wall but Ezreal usually do not do this as long distance Skull Bash that will give you time to make the leap and esquivartelo, so you have to get close to maximum and wait make your jump (because it will do to see that you're so close) to use your spray and then your Skull Bash to push your team in BOT. Basically you have to do it backwards.
Graves is somewhat like Ezreal but his jump is shorter but also you can dodge Skull Bash so I would do the same process with ezreal but it is true that it will be easier.

Basically ALL enemies will try to use to escape when you just use your Skull Bash. Others wait to do or pillaras them unprepared to make your spraying then and they use Flash and escape you. But I'll tell you how to prevent them from escaping when you enter from behind the line or by the river:
If you know who have not used Flash and is likely to get it, try as much as possible to come near the to push your partner and from here two things will occur but you have to use spray NEVER immediately after pushing because if you use the Flash after the stun effect, escapes:
1. - Empujas and while this 0.5 seconds stunned, you move in the direction of the tower immediately, nor stuneais, nor pegais or anything, right after I moveis W towards your tower. At that time your companion is above him to take advantage of that mini stun and he will use Flash to escape but that if, being available to your spray thanks to ye I moved (but escapes because the radius of the stun is very short and Brightwood is greater) and stop (usually enough to kill him with the help of your partner). It's easier than it looks.
2. - As you approach from behind using Flash for what you have to do the opposite, using STUN first and then push.
The use of flash is key to Alistar:

One of many examples is catch that when two teams carry encarandose the way, coming forward to throw a spell on your team, just as suddenly jumping with Alistar flash stuns that carry that advanced to launch its spell you push to your computer and you use Unbreakable Will to escape with your enemy team speed ... carry goodbye.
There is a triple combo very important and necessary to cover huge distances and shoot or simply reach the enemy: It is based on the use of the flash and then the combo W + Q.
The Flash to invade mid from the jungle: If you see the enemy mid champion of life is wrong with the help of your teammate kill you sure, you can jump into the tower with the Flash and then you get out and get the enemy champion with your W, run outside and use your spray to stun the enemy and also your partner in MID to top it.
In the same way you can do in BOT and TOP this operation but carries more risk because the escape this love difficult.
Team play:

As I said previously, you are the team leader, you have to try to be also in the chat because you are big strong and handsome.
As a starter you can with the W + Q combo
Or with Flash + Q
In battles team of 5 versus 5 or 4 vs. 4 centrate on:

1-The first thing to do is try to stun always the maximum possible number of enemies. 1 stun is a failure, unless the OP or salves carry some life. We must always try to stun minimum 2 or wait to do, do not waste it.
2-No obsessions you go for the carry this as far back you have to get out of the battle because if you depart from it, your team will fall. If you have a Carry hand and tries to crush with Skull Bash stuns to make maximum damage and not let them attack.
3-If you see that the carry is far or has a scape as ezreal, try to cancel the rest of the team and protect yours.
4-Do not take too long to use Unbreakable Will when you start a fight because often for wanting to get the most out of your ultimate you use when you have 50% of life and kill you as easy.
5-Seize the Flash with intelligence.
6-Do not start one never support.
7-Do not start a big tank never even if half tank AD, you can start on it with flash Q + W to push your team and make it fall faster if you have good scape.
8-Do not be afraid of the towers, enemies be entrusted much below these until you are arriving and when they see that you started if or if and there is no escape, they get nervous and do not know where to flee jajaaja.
9-never angry with me for your team, 95% of the time will be your fault: a bad decision, a bad initiation, a bad goal, a bad combo or just habreis made a mistake, from which there will be a "snowball "negative and if you're smart and correct it, you will lose. Again it all depends on Alistar.
10 - Try to leave some kills your team even if it's hard, greed breaks the sack lol

Alistar course is the biggest and best champion that lvl 2 can destroy the line, two stuns and movement speed can literally destroy.
Removing the typical movements come from behind in the river, I include input from BEHIND the tower at lvl 2. A risky move where ABSOLUTELY OPPOSED two things will occur:
* You Alistar called as the biggest noob ever.
* I will say that you are the master and that **** "GOOD READY" or ... "BEST EVER READY"
And lvl 2 can be dive. I have killed very many enemies by dive at lvl 2, but several things have to happen, you can not do it with the whole world or at any time have to be several key factors. THEY ALL or NOTHING:

1 - The tower is attacking creeps at the time and of course your team have both top mid or bot almost on top of the tower so that when you enter the meteis.
2 - There is / stun and stun Or have used (eg Taric, you can expect to use it and enter)
3 - Think about that if you have the escape flash insured if you stayed within the range of the tower after your Skull Bash and your spray. Or just want to get the Flash to do W, then Q. You choose according to the situation.
4 - You have to be full of life, chances are you'll stay with 50 HP.
5 - You have to tell, well, with text and pings not only to coordinate the paketes of your team.

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