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League of Legends Champion Rammus

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Rammus Guide

Hi guys,I Have do this Rammus's guide for help you to choose which items, runes,masteries... are better for your favorite champion.If anyone have a question or anyrequest about this guide please post a comment on the bottom from this page.I would say first that Ive find a new presentation for my League of LegendsGuides, I ask you to post comments on this guide if u like better the new or the old presentation Thanks!



The Armordillo

Rammus is a tank jungle extremely fast in his first clean jungle and in his early ganks. It is also very strong with his ball defensive boost his stats and nuisance due to its very taunt which lasts 3sec.

The jungler is to release a top position in the lane that will allow him who will solo more and more farmer up in level, for some heroes like Nasus this is extremely important, your role is to climb in the Levels jungle. The jungler also allows for a little over awereness map, and especially the team ganker opponent because it can get out of anywhere, and anytime.



Powerball (Q)

Rank 1Rank 2Rank 3Rank 4Rank 5
Recovery:10 sec.10 sec.10 sec.10 sec.10 sec.
Damage (+1 AP):
Rammus runs like a bullet to the enemy, dealing magic damage and slowing movement speed of enemies.

The powerball of Rammus who rolled into super sonic speed way (note also that there is a sonic skin on leaguecraft). This spell can make very good ganks and bump opponents in team fight.

Defensive ball Curl (W)

Rank 1Rank 2Rank 3Rank 4Rank 5
Recovery:14 sec.14 sec.14 sec.14 sec.14 sec.
Bonus armor and magic resistance:406080100120
Removal of damage (0.1 + RA):
Rammus takes a defensive posture for 6 seconds, increasing their armor and magic resistance and magic damage referring to his assailants.

It comes as you see gives defensive stats important to gain more Rammus damage that allows him to tank the world for a short time and also easily jungle.

Puncturing Taunt (E)

Rank 1Rank 2Rank 3Rank 4Rank 5
Recovery:12 sec.12 sec.12 sec.12 sec.12 sec.
Armor reduction:
Rammus unit causes the attacker, reducing his armor and forcing them to attack Rammus.

A very powerful control and frustrating that lasts 3 seconds to 12 CDs. If you do not have sandals of Mercury (Mercuries) you may die during this spell for sure. It allows among others to draw an opponent with a melee ranks (which beats melee) during the taunt of your allies, for example to ensure him a certain death.

Tremors (R)

Rank 1Rank 2Rank 3
Recovery:60 sec.60 sec.60 sec.
Damage (+0.3 AP):65130195
Rammus causes tremors, dealing magic damage per second to nearby units and buildings. The effect lasts 8 seconds.

As you can see, the final step on the turrets, with the high mobility of Rammus it gives him the opportunity to be a very good and fast pusher if you see 10 of your minions to crush you on a turret enemy for example. In addition he made enormous damage in team fight!

Spiked Shell (Passive)

Rammus more damage as its shell is reinforced by converting 25% of its armor damage.

A nice ability, but nothing great either. A small bonus damage increased with the tank stuff in brief.


2.Pros and Cons


Very strong in defensive Ball (Z).

A tank with lots of controls.

High mobility = very good ganker and prosecutor.

High mobility = very good map control.

High mobility can easily escape.

Fast jungle.

Ultimate to push and do much damage.


Victim without his defensive ball and without defensive stuff.

Manavore in teamfight, use 4 spells instantly emptied the mana bar.

Minions reduce mobility because its Rammus powerball can be blocked by them.

3.Recommended Items

The sandals of Mercury are simply almost mandatory 90% of games.

Tabi may be made ​​against the teams really still too physical.The Shurelia give Rammus most VPs and a nice speed buff to catch his opponents. The reduction of CDs is also excellent on the taunt and bump.

The sunfire Cape offers Rammus most VPs and AoE damage is still a very good item except certain specified situations.

The Randuin is a good object Rammus because it is a tank that will focus the team on the other side if it has the possibility (see, if you are not positioned properly or that your allies are not in range) since Rammus is dangerous with many controls and burst damage via its ultimate.

Force of Nature (FON) will give a lot of magic resistance, speed and regeneration of PV Rammus. This is a good item against casters. Guardian Angel is the ultimate purpose of survival Rammus. This will be combined with other little tattoo completely indestructible (almost).


4.Skill Order

In jungle Rammus will take his ball defensively (W) for the tanker to buff and blue to refer to damage not lose hardly any point of life. Then the powerball (Q) you're used to bump the minions to take less damage and move faster from camp to camp, and gank. Then, max out the offensive provocation (E) in which the first is a very powerful control for a period of 3 sec, then it ends the ball (Z) , then the powerball (Q) as last . The final course is taken at each rank.NB: If you tend to make you break into two by enemies that are 3/0, maxez the ball defensively before the provocation.

5.Recommended Runes

Reds : 6 armor penetration to jungle more easily (this can serve as armor penetration on ganks giving you a little extra damage). 3 runes and armor

Blues : Magic Resistance flat in order to advantage of your early gank mid.

Yellows and the Quintessences : give you more armor, so you can take better against the champions in the lane or minions in the jungle. Also this armor'll buff your Z for strength and damage in early.


6.Summoners Spells


Flash : The flash combo + powerball sonic (A) is totally stupid! In addition it can also save you in a gank in your jungle or jungle too violent counter by flashing through a wall.

Smite : A spell binding for jungle! Even a jungler can happen to smite smite should take, without cost to play a certain level of play to beg your enemies to come steal your buffs, your dragons, your barons, etc.. Smite is a must, what is your greatest ally in the jungle, the question does not arise. This spell also allows you to possibly steal barons and dragons.


A tree with 21 points in defense with everything you will smite improved slightly over dismissal of damage against monsters / minions, of hit points, speed, damage reduction, and reduced barriers! 9 points to finish utility to be even faster and have longer buffs.


8.Tips and Tricks

This video is a content from: 

Rammus is a jungler, tank and initiating combat with a lot of control and damage. A good Rammus quickly becomes frustrated with his taunt, his bump and Ultimate (huge burst in the middle of a fight team). Rammus The jungle is very fast once his jungle clean it can go gank the opponent loses as little PVs and that he is a master of his gank with powerball and taunt her. In early and midgame, Rammus offers great map awareness that monitors the other jungler the ganks, possession of the dragon, etc.. In lategame, Rammus is almost invincible and is a real thorn in the side for the team opposing team during the fight because he can control multiple people simultaneously.

-Do not do it control (stun for example) during your powerball or you may die instantly, tank stuff or not.

- You can draw your melee champions taunt backwards, as you can type at cac he will have to follow you, so you can shoot the enemies into your team.

- Of course use your ball (Z) before a burst of damage (ultimate Malzahar, towerdive, etc.) will significantly reduce the damage received.

- Your Ultimate is excellent damage against structures (towers) and the players, if you can dance in the middle of the enemy during its activation, or push a turret quickly, go ahead.

- Do not forget to turn your Z towerdive, to increase the damage of E, for a big burst physical tempo (ultimate caitlyn) etc..

I hope that you will like this guide, if yes, don't forget to fan it.

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