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League of Legends Champion Olaf

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Olaf top lane DOMINATION

Hello fellow League of Legends players, this is a quick introduction to my favorite champion Olaf, I´ll be posting a few tips , tricks, the build, and other usefull stuff like that.
Allright then, Olaf is mainly a top laner, people usually don´t jungle with him because he does not have good ganking potential ( comparing him to other junglers like Maokai, Lee sin, Nocturne), since he only has a slow and no gap closer. Obviously, you can always play him as a jungler, but I really recommend playing him top, he is just so much better. Now you´re probably asking yourself, why?
Olaf is able to beat any champion, hes a safe pick against anything. If you see that your lane opponent can win 1v1 trades with you, you can max your Q ( Undertow ) and farm with that and harass him, there is no use maxing your E when you are going to loose 1v1 trades with, for example, a Darius. So yeah, Olaf is a good farmer, has decent sustain because of his W, has got insane in-lane true damage (340 Damage at rank 5 / Level 9 ) if you max your Reckless Swing ( E ), he can get away from ANY gank with his ultimate, since he cant get slowed and is usually faster than the others ( you use your ghost and throw an axe on their face to slow them ) . Now, those are just the general features from Olaf that you should know, heres a small trick that I found out when I was playing against solotops at 1800 elo : Olaf is a level one beast ! You can win any level one trade. What you are supposed to do when your oponent appears in the lane is : Harass him with your axe and melees everytime it gets off cooldown. Just keep throwing it and meleeing the slowed enemy. Since you will probably be pushing your lane you have to be careful for ganks though, especially when you are top laning on the purple team, since most of the junglers start at the blue buff. Anyways, the second you reach level 2 ( try to reach it before your opponent ) , you skill your E and you can pretty much pop his flash or maybe even, a kill. You just slow him once more with your axe, slam his face with your reckless swing and ignite him right after, he will definately have to use his summoner spells right after that. Now for the summoner spells, What I prefer playing with is Ghost / Ignite. Ghost is so good in teamfights and later on in the game, because you can just run into their team, soaking up all the damage while your team cleans up the people that you are not currently zoning. If people are flaming you because they say that you should protect your ad carry, they are wrong . Olaf is not there to protect AD carries in most cases, he is there to zone the other teams ad / ap carry out of the fight so that your ad carry may do damage while the other ad carry has to run away from you. Obviously, if their carries are not in range at all, you should slow the bruisers ( with your axe) so that your ad carry does not die instantly.
Now the build, you probably wont need lifesteal the entire game because you have your W which grants you spellvamp and lifesteal, depending on how much HP you have. Some players, including Dyrus, which plays the best Olaf in the entire world, likes to build him with some CDr items.
The build you should most probably follow is : Boots, 3 hp potions ( 4 wait for the 4th potion if you dont have to help your jungler at the blue / red camp ). You get 2 dorans blades and 2gold per 10 items ( Regrowth pendant and Heart of Gold ), olaf does not really need to buy an early phage due to his magnificent E damage and Q slow. Once you have that, you should upgrade your boots into Ionian Boots ( for the CDr on your E ) and Get a phage right after, and upgrade that to a frozen mallet. Once you completed your Frozen mallet, you shoud upgrade your regrowth pendant into a Shurelias. The hp/ speed boost and CDr are all amazing items for Olaf. Now there are two things you can do : If you see that there are 3 AD´s on their team, or if their ad carry gets fed, you have to get your frozen heart first, its got good stats for olaf aswell, and it slows the ad´s attackspeed if you´re close to him ! Now you have enough CDr and can get a Warmogs, to get really really tanky. You will probably have around 4500 HP and 140 armor and loads of damage because olaf´s W scales on the HP he has. You will pretty much be unkillable at this stage of the game. If their AP carry gets fed, he´ll probably melt you down pretty quick in teamfights, thats why you can either sell your heart of gold and get a Maw of Malmortius if you want some more damage and Magic resist, or you could just get a Randuins Omen instead. The active effect on it is a slow which is good for teamfights aswell, but you should look if its really worth buying that, since you do have a ton of armor from the Frozen heart already. Now, a third option would be a Guardian Angel, but I dislike buying that instead of those 2 amazing items - ON OLAF - . Guardian Angel is an amazing item on almost any champion, but well ... you´re Olaf and ... Olaf does not die that quick, and if you die in a Teamfight, that means that the other team is just being plain stupid to focus you. But then again, if you kill the olaf, the team kills you. If you kill the team, the olaf kills you. How is Olaf not a good champion ?! One last thing to remember, soak as much damage as possible in the teamfights, make them focus you, the less hp you have, the stronger you get due to your passive!
Now go Slam dunk some noobs with your Reckless swing

dannyd posted at 2012-09-15 11:51:55

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