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Malphite "the Rock" shard of the Monolith jungle!


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League of Legends Champion Malphite

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Malphite "the Rock" shard of the Monolith jungle!

Malphite “the Rock” shard of the Monolith! The rock is a quite versatile champion which can go top, mid and jungle.I will talk about Jungle Malphite: pros and cons, build, runes and masteries, maxing order, laning phase, laning matchups and teamfights. (TL;DR below!)
Jungle Malphite
Malphite can be played in the jungle, toplane or even midlane. Jungling Malphite is a mediocre jungle, Malphite has average clears, strong level 6 ganks (arguably the best with his ultimate), mediocre pre-6 ganks, decent ‘sustain’ but is very vulnerable to strong junglers which can invade, such as Shyvana, Lee Sin and Udyr.
As for the mentality on Malphite jungle, you should be looking for really overextended lanes, almost-winning lanes and lanes that you can win by using your ultimate and bursting down the enemy with the laner(s).
On jungle Malphite, you will always need your Spirit of the Ancient Golem, so starting Machete + 5 health potions is adviseable. After that a few items are options:
Abyssal Scepter – picking Abyssal Scepter is a good option if your team has a lot of AP damage and the enemy also has a lot of AP damage. Do not pick Abyssal Scepter if you’re behind, as you will need more beefiness to sustain the increased enemy damage.
Banshee’s Veil – Banshee’s Veil is usually not a good item, but it can be used over Spirit Visage. Personally I don’t like the Banshee’s Veil, taking 3000 damage or 3100 damage doesn’t really matter to a rock.
Frozen Heart – A good choice, pick this over Sunfire Cape, Randuin’s Omen or Iceborn Gauntlet if your enemies has 3+ autoattackers, otherwise, the other items are a better choice.
Guardian’s Angel – A decent choice if you’re very far ahead and as your last item. (Preferably sell your Spirit of the Ancient Golem for this when you’re at your full build). I personally don’t like Guardian’s Angel on Malphite, usually when you die as Malphite, a very sturdy tank, you have messed up real bad and stalling 4 seconds won’t help.
Iceborn Gauntlet – A good choice, pick this over Sunfire Cape, Randuin’Omen or Frozen heart if you’re ahead, but you want/need the extra cc and damage. Personally, I really like the item, due to you being able to almost permacc an enemy with your Q.
Locket of the Iron Solari – Overall not a very good item, but can be very efficient when the enemy exclusively has AP, or 4x AP. Otherwise, this will not be a good choice due to it not being the most (gold) efficient item around.
Ninja Tabi’s – The best choice for jungle Malphite as you will not be needing Mercury Treads (it won’t be efficient without it’s tenacity which you get from Spirit of the Ancient Golem and doesn’t stack).
Randuin’s Omen – The best choice for pure armor + health including some cc. Pick this when you’re behind or for your 4th-5th item, when you need to become a huge solid rock behemoth.
Rod of Ages – Only when you’re really, really far ahead and can afford to buy AP and don’t die really quick.
Spirit Visage – Your main choice of magic resist, pick this whenever you need magic resist and Abyssal Scepter/Locket of the Iron Solari isn’t an option. Very cost efficient and extra regen works well on tanks with high resistances.
Sunfire Cape – Your main choice of armor, pick this whenever you need armor as your second item. Overall a very strong item that deals a lot of damage.
Thornmail – Not the best item, but can be extremely costefficient if your enemy has three or more autoattackers.
Warmog’s Armor – A great item to accomplish your resistances. Only get this if you have a total of 300+ resistances, otherwise, pure health is usually not worth it.
Get armor and magic resist on order of threat and quantity on the enemy team. Only get offensive (AP) items if you’re ahead.
Runes, masteries and maxing order
For runes you’d want to go AS speed, armor, AD or AP marks, armor seals, MR/level glyphs and movementspeed/armor/AP/AD quints. Getting AD or AP marks/quints is only an option if you really have nothing else.
Masteries for Malphite jungle, 9/21/0 is okay, taking points in either AP or AD since you scale well with both. (For early game damage/faster clearing, AD is your choice and your W scales with it but your abilities scales with AP, so that is good too). The more preferred choice is 0/21/9, taking a point in longer buffs, Malphite is quite buff reliant to clear fast and quickly.
Maxing order is also a preference, REQW, for faster clearing and receiving less damage (the AS slow on your E is great!) but RQEW is better for ganking due to the increased slow on your Q. But in my opinion, maxing E over Q is better since you gain more from E and you won’t be ganking non-stop and you should usually wait for your ultimate until you gank.
Laning Phase
Even though you’re not a laner, you should also act different in the laning phase. In the laning phase you should farm nonstop until you reach level 6 and only make exceptions if your enemies are overextending a lot and that your Q-ganks are okay-ish or hold lanes for free exp/gold.
After you reach level 6, you should be looking for ganks, preferably on botlane. Gank lanes that are close or overextended and don’t force ganks, rather be patient and farm! And do not forget botlane pressure so you can get the Dragon, the most important objective for the first 10 minutes, offering global gold and exp.
“Laning” matchups
The only counters you have in the jungler is strong, invasive, control junglers such as Lee Sin, Shyvana, Udyr. Be careful of those junglers and start red buff, 9/10 they won’t expect it and try to invade you without result.
You should be looking for engages on the enemy carries with your ultimate, when your team is around too, of course. And don’t underestimate yourself, you can easily 1v1 the most enemies when you’re not too far behind! (And have the appropriate resistances vs. them).
TL;DR – Short summary!
Spirit of the Ancient Golem is your core. Items are in order of how good they are.
For offensive options when you’re ahead: Iceborn Gauntlet, Abyssal Scepter and Rod of Ages.
For armor: Sunfire Cape, Randuin’s Omen, Frozen Heart and Thornmail.
For magic resist: Spirit Visage, Banshee’s Veil and Locket of the Iron Solari.
Armor/movement speed quints, armor/AD marks, armor seals and mr/level glyphs.

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