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Le Blanc's ultimate


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League of Legends Champion LeBlanc

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Le Blanc's ultimate

Here is a short guide for LeBlanc her ult,
First of all, what is LeBlanc her ult?
LeBlanc her ult is that she mimics her ability she did before the ultimate,
Useing LeBlanc's ult after Q:
This is very affective and will deal the most damage LeBlanc can deal,
Q- deals much damage
ult-deals more damage
Q-passive will go off
= massive damage

After useing W:
This wont deal much damage but it will give you a second jump, so you can use it to run away or to chase an enemy.

After useing E:
this is not very effective, this will only give you a lot of cc- slows and snares.
But it wont give you much damage.


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