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Irelia dominion


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League of Legends Champion Irelia

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Irelia dominion

Hey every today is the first Dominion build and to help me with them i call upon fellow friend and gamer extraordinaire Hoyt. As much as he is with me to help make this commentary and its him playing as well he really isnt much of a talker. More of the silent type that just rips your face off in Dominion.

Build Details In the Video and Below.

Game Score k/d/a - 16-0-19 (hot damn!)

-Core Build -
-Mercury Treads or Boots of Swiftness
-Trinity Force
-Atma's Impaler
-Odyn's Veil

Other great items to consider-
-Warmogs (not in dominion anymore :( )
-Force of Nature
-Guardian Angel

Runes and Masteries Featured at the beginning of the video.

Questions? Just Ask!

Pietje3 posted at 2011-11-27 11:18:18

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