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Baron steal with ezreals ult


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League of Legends Champion Ezreal

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Baron steal with ezreals ult

As you all know everybody likes to steal the baron,
But is it really so dificult?
My anwser is: No!
How to steal baron with ezreals ult:
1. Put a ward at baron (if not possible look below)
2. Check if there jungler is there,
If he is there you have a chance he will smite the baron and then you are unlucky.
3. Time how much damage they do to the baron each second (lets say it is 1000 each second)
4.Then you have to check where you are standing, if you re standing close you should fire your ult when it is around 1000 HP if your satnding futheraway you should try to calculate the time it needs to travel across the map.

The otherway to do it without a ward is to shoot your ultimate on the baron to get vision, when you have vision try to see the hp of the baron and time to go in there with e and steal it with q and maybe kill some enemies and then flash over the wall back again to run so that you wont be killed.


ikspeelspel posted at 2012-12-03 09:45:30

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