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Ashe Guide


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League of Legends Champion Ashe

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Ashe Guide

Hi guys Im back with this new guide for Ashe, Also I have really post here all the items I every build use. If u have a question or a comment about this post on the bot from this page and I will answer you. I have also adding a new paragraph for my guide: the skill order


Ashe is one of the bests Ad Carry champions.His role in teamfight is really important cause of his more target slow, his one target slow and if good placed a more target stun (Ashe's Ultimate)

Also I would turn you into Ashe for playing an ranked game because she is awesome!




2.Pros and Cons


With his final build Ashe deals really much damage in a little laps of time

High Range skills and auto attaks

One of the best initiators (with his ultimate)

Good harracement to ennemies

Have some abilities like a support(stun and slow can help your allies)



Have low mobility

Any ups (bonus atk speed or dmg for exemple)

At end from game his ultimates is often counter by banshees veil




3.Recommended Items


Boots of Swiftness

Afficher l'image d'origine



UNIQUE Passive: Enhanced Movement 3

Phantom Dancer


+55% Attack Speed

+30% Critical Strike Chance

+15% Movement Speed

The Bloodthirster


+60 Attack Damage
+12% Life Steal

Passive: Gain bonus +1 Attack Damage and +0.20% Life Steal

per kill. Bonuses cap at +40 Attack Damage and +8% Life Steal.

Half of bonuses are lost upon death.

Infinity Edge


+80 Attack Damage
+25% Critical Strike Chance

UNIQUE Passive: Your critical strikes now deal 250% damage

instead of 200%.

Madred's Bloodrazor


+40 Attack Damage
+40% Attack Speed
+25 Armor

UNIQUE Passive: Your basic attacks deal bonus magic damage

equal to 4% of the target's maximum Health.

Frozen Mallet


+700 Health
+20 Attack Damage

UNIQUE Passive: Your basic attacks reduce your target's

Movement Speed by 40% for 2.5 seconds

(30% for ranged attacks).




NEW!! 4.Skill Order

I post u a screenshot for helps u to know in which order u need to skill

Focus (Passive)                  
Frost Shot   X   X X XX     
VolleyX X X X X         
Hawkshot X           XX XX
Enchanted Crystal Arrow     X    X    X




5.Recommended Runes


9x Greater Mark of Desolation

 +1.66 armor penetration

rune build guide Greater Seal of Resilience

9x Greater Seal of Resilience

+1.41 armor


9x Greater Glyph of Warding

+1.49 magic resist

9x Greater Quintessence of Alacrity

+3.4% attack speed





+15 armor penetration

+12 armor

+12 magic resist

+10% attack speed







6.Summoners spells



Pick ghost with Ashe because of his low mobility, u can also run faster for prepare to launch your Ultimate



Ashe have any ability to escape (if its his slow and ulti) and she is fragile, also pick flash for escape some delicate situations












Sry for the little format but I when i choose 640x480 it will shows really too big!!








8.Tips and Tricks


Also a video will explain and shows more as some words, like it ^^ 



Also I have need 1 and half hour (with some smoking pauses^^) to do this cause I wanna to give you a good presentation and I have add a new skill order montage for Ashe

If u like it, don't forget to fan it^^



Exerath posted at 2012-05-31 18:50:47

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