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A Grenade, Melee, Pistol, and Shotgun Guide

Alliance of Valiant Arms (AVA)

Grenades, Melee Weapons, Pistols, and Shotguns

This is a basic overview of every grenade, melee weapon, pistol, and shotgun. Please note that all stats are not taken “from the book”, as it were. I interpreted gun performance and am stating my interpretation(s)/perception(s) of different guns/weapons. You may disagree, which is fine.

I am not reviewing or detailing any SMG’s or Rifles (sniper or assault) because there are simply too many and it would take many more hours than I have already put into writing this. Everything here is my own work, so if you quote this please give me, 41ste, credit for writing it.

If you want to find a specific gun/weapon, use Ctrl+F in your browser to search for them/it. Please enjoy, and favorite this.



The M67 fragmentation grenade is a basic grenade with a 4 second fuse. This grenade is best used at ranges because of its fuse time. If you don’t own or use this grenade, you should. It is almost REQUIRED to play at any level of competitiveness. This grenade is not recommended for CQC, since it gives the enemy time to hop/run out of its AOE (area of effect). This grenade is recommended for distances. This grenade can be acquired through maxing out your supply and receiving it, winning a timed one from the capsule shop, or buying it for euros in the weapon shop.

The MK3A2 flashbang grenade is very useful too. You should either have this grenade or the aforementioned M67 equipped, if not both. It emits a flash that blinds the player for several seconds. This grenade has a 2 second fuse; making it quite deadly in Close Quarters Combat (CQC) situations where you need to ghost a nade, or kill someone around a corner. Its relatively low fuse time means that you can nade around corners/over blow buildings/through windows and kill people more reliably, simply because it does not allow them enough time to react/escape. It is harder to use this over distances though, as it frequently explodes before it reaches the target at ranges of more than 30-40 meters. If you can time it to explode at the moment of reaching the target, it is devastating though. The AOE is about the same as the M67. This grenade can be acquired through maxing out your supply and receiving it, winning a timed one from the capsule shop, or buying it for euros in the weapon shop.

Pumpkin Grenade
The Pumpkin grenade is a grenade that explodes upon impact with any physics object (player, wall, floor), though it has been known to bounce on occasion. The AOE is less than either the M67 or MK3A2, and the range is significantly less. It has some hidden stats that mean it can only be thrown about ½ to ¾ the distance the M67 can. You may have an M67 go 50 meters in a throw, then aim the exact same with a Pumpkin grenade and have it only go 20 meters. It is mostly used for CQC, though it can be used at range (30 meters or less). This grenade can only be bought for Gcoins, but was awarded during the last Halloween event if to players who completed challenges.

Smoke Grenade(s)
Smoke nades are optional, but do have their uses. They are most useful in Demoltion games, and are used to either conceal your position or the position of the C4, making it harder for the other team to defuse. They have different areas of dispersion, different dissipation rates, and colors, so personal preference plays a big role here. They can be used in Escort missions to conceal players who are repairing the tank or for general concealment by campers on any map in any mode. These can only be bought for euros in the weapon shop.

M116A1 Flashbang
The M116A1 Flashbang grenade emits a flash that blinds the player for approximately 3-5 seconds, though this time can be reduced by wearing special goggles, available for purchase in the weapon shop. It does no damage, and is used primarily for offense (if you’re rushing, for instance), but can be used defensively (blinding a rusher to make good your escape). This grenade can only be acquired through the weapon shop with euros.


Melee Weapons:

Melee weapons have two separate attacks. The first attack, the primary attack, is accomplished by clicking the mouse button that is bound to the “Primary Fire” command. This attack does less damage than the second attack, but can be used more times per second than the other attack. The second attack, the “alt” (alternate) attack, is accomplished by clicking the mouse button that is bound to the “Secondary Attack” command. It does more damage than the primary attack, but cannot be used as many times per second as the primary attack.

Field Knife
The Field Knife is the default melee weapon in the game. Every player has it, and it never requires repairing. It has mediocre range and damage, but is a good fallback weapon with a 1-hit-kill secondary attack to the head, and occasionally to the body. On average it takes 2 hits to kill. This weapon cannot be repaired.

The Shovel is a very lethal weapon, arguably the most powerful in the game currently, because of its frequency to kill in 1 hit, and because of its excellent range and damage, in addition to its fast primary attack speed. It can only be bought from the weapon shop with Gcoins, and is a timed item, meaning that after a certain time it will remove itself from your inventory until you repurchase it. It has a pink kill icon, and it cannot be repaired. It occasionally requires 2 hits to kill, but the alt attack is a 1 hit kill 99% of the time.

Redduck Bat
The Redduck bat is a rather average bat that has greater range and damage than the field knife, but it emits a cartoonish *boink* sound every time it is swung, making it rather un-stealthy. It can only be bought from the weapon shop for euros, and is a timed item. It takes an average number of hits to kill someone, the same as the Field Knife. It cannot be repaired

Food Tray
The Food Tray is a rare and unique weapon. When you buy capsules in the capsule shop, you will occasionally receive coupons in capsules, in addition to other items. These coupons can be used to buy weapons/items in the weapon shop. The Food Tray can either be bought permanently or temporarily, with the temporary purchase lasting 30 days. A permanent food tray costs 500 coupons to purchase, and temporary trays can be purchased for 50 coupons in the weapon shop.

The Kukri/Kukru series of knives are varied in design and appearance, with many different variations. There is the Boa Kukru 2, which is available for purchase in the weapon shop for Gcoins. Buying it gives you the standard Boa Kukru, plus a euro bonus. The standard Boa Kukru is a long knife, actually a machete, that has a slow(ish) primary attack and an INCREDIBLY slow alt attack, though it does do major DMG. It can be bought in the weapon shop for euros. The Ancaconda Kukri knife is an extremely rare melee weapon that can only be obtained by beating Death Valley Extreme, and being lucky enough to be awarded it upon completion.

Wooden Stick w/ Nails (I don't know it's actual name...)
The final melee weapon is a wooden stick with nails stuck in it that can be obtained only though coupons. It costs 2 coupons per day, has an incredibly fast primary attack speed, and a relatively fast alt attack speed. It does mediocre DMG, and the range is about the same as the Redduck bat or the Kukri. I know this is really descriptive, but I can’t for the life of me remember what it is called.



The CZ75 is a pistol with no outstanding features in the way of performance. The Rate of Fire (ROF) is not outstanding, in addition to the Damage (DMG), and the Mobility (MOB) is on par with many other pistols. The ROF is not always consistent and the DMG over distance is almost nil. This gun should NEVER be used past 20 or so meters (and that is the extreme effective range). It is rather slim, taking up the smallest area onscreen compared to all other pistols, which means you have an increased Field of View (FOV). This sidearm has an incredible draw speed, even faster than the Glock 21c, making it an effective pistol for snipers who are suddenly faced by a threat in CQC. It can be purchased in the weapon shop for either Gcoins or euros.

Beretta 92FS
The Beretta 92FS is the go-to pistol for most players. Regardless of the fact that it only has a ROF of 35, it is very spammable, firing incredibly fast. The range on this gun is very good too, making it effective out to about 30-40 meters (again, that’s the extreme effective range). The DMG combined with the ROF and 15 rounds per clip make this gun absolutely devastating. It has an average draw speed, but once it’s out most anything in its path will die. It can be purchased for either Gcoins or euros in the weapon shop.

MK23 Socom
The MK23 Socom is a fairly decent sidearm. It has good range (it’s good up to about 20 meters, the DMG is good, the bloom and recoil are minimal, and the recoil is average (if a bit slow). The main detractor for this pistol is the inconsistent ROF. Since this is a semi-automatic pistol, you have to fire, and fire fast. This means you have to tap your mouse faster than you tap the women (and I know that that’s pretty fast for a lot of you), but, unlike other pistols, it does not fire with a regular pattern. You can tap steadily at, say, 5 clicks per second (appallingly slow, but doable by everyone), and sometimes it will fire 5 times per second, other times 3 or 4. What I’m trying to say is that the ROF is stuttered, and there’s no way around it. This pistol is therefore deemed unreliable by me, and should never be bought, since its irregularity will get you killed. It does have the redeeming factor of being able to 1-2 hit kill to the head, but that is still outweighed by the fact that the pistol is random when it comes to ROF, and this kills you. Buy it if you want a lulz sidearm, but don’t use this for serious play (the 92FS outclasses it). It can be bought for either Gcoins or euros in the weapon shop.

Beretta M93Ra
The Beretta M93Ra is a fully automatic Gcoin capsule pistol. The ROF and DMG combined on this gun are phenomenal, making it so you can kill someone in a matter of a second or so. It has some range, but should NEVER be used past 10 meters or so, since the bloom (growing size of the crosshairs and randomness of the bullet direction) is heavy, though not immense, which impairs accuracy. After several shots, about 5, it is difficult to hit anything past 10 meters accurately and consistently. It takes about 4-8 shots to kill, which makes it best for CQC. It has a rather slow draw speed, but makes up for it in sheer firepower. Reloading takes about 3 seconds, which is a severe drawback. This pistol can only be obtained through the capsule shop using Gcoins.

Glock 21c
The Glock 21c has a fast draw speed, mediocre DMG, and mediocre ROF (it’s about the same as the 92FS), but the range is lacking. This gun should not be used past 20 meters, 30 meters is at the extreme end of its range. It is best used by snipers to take down players in sudden CQC situations, but makes an effective sidearm for any class. The accuracy and bloom are negligible. It can be purchased in the weapon shop for euros.

The P226 is outclassed by the Glock and the Beretta 92FS, in addition to all other capsule pistols, yet it still serves its purpose. It is inexpensive, has mediocre DMG, accuracy, range, and ROF, and is just a steady pistol if you are strapped for euros and want a dependable gun. The ROF and DMG are lower than the aforementioned pistols, in addition to the mobility, yet it still holds its own if you can fire fast enough. It can be purchased in the weapon shop for euros.

Walther P38
The Walther P38 is almost impossible to beat at CQC. It will kill anyone in 1-2 bullets under 5 meters, has an incredible ROF, and has a very fast draw speed. The bloom is nearly nonexistent, and the recoil is negligible. The reload speed is relatively slow, and that can kill you if you run out of ammo in the middle of a fight. Do NOT use this sidearm at any distance over 5 meters if you can. It loses so much damage over range that past 5 meters it is like shooting a water gun. It can only be obtained through the capsule shop for Gcoins.

Python 357
The Python 357 is an incredible pistol. It is a 1 hit kill to the head up to about 15 meters, and takes 1-2 bullets to kill. It has a lower ROF than the Walther, and a much longer reload time, but it preserves its damage over range quite well. The draw speed it on the slow side, meaning it is not suited for CQC. Also, it has a lower mobility than other pistols, meaning you run slightly slower. This pistol is best suited for Rifle Men, and maybe snipers, since it has a lot of power. It is only available through the capsule shop for Gcoins.

Stechkin APS
The Stechkin APS is outclassed and overpowered by every pistol now. The ROF is relatively good, but the draw speed is atrociously slow, and the bloom is terribad. The reload speed is deplorable too. It is good for about 7 meters, but past that it is useless. This gun should not be used by anybody unless they want to try to do well with a bad gun. It is only available through the weapon shop for euros.

Skorpion vz 61
The Skorpion vz 61 is slightly better than the Stechkin, but is still outclassed by all other pistols. The draw speed is slow, and the ammunition is severely lacking, yet the ROF is surprisingly good. The bloom is horrible, meaning you’ll miss most of your shots over 7 meters. The reload speed is slow too. This gun is not recommended at all for anyone. It is available in the weapon shop for euros.

The TMP is the best full-auto euro pistol currently available. It has very low DMG, but the ROF more than makes up for that. It has a rather small magazine though, which means you will run out of ammunition fast. The bloom is good for a fully-automatic pistol. The TMP is functional up to about 10 meters, beyond which the accuracy goes all to hell and the DMG dropoff makes it useless. The draw speed is mediocre, and the reload speed is mediocre. It is available in the weapon shop for either gcoins or euros.

The FN57 is a decent pistol if used properly. It has an INSANE ROF for a semi-automatic pistol, but the DMG is a little low, making it seem slightly weak. It has almost no DMG dropoff though, and the lowish bloom makes it useable up to about 30 meters. The reload speed is about the average for a pistol (think the reload speed of the Beretta 92FS), and it has a VERY fast draw speed. This gun is perfect for snipers who find themselves in a CQC situation, or for the average rusher/rifle man.



The current best shotgun is the Saiga12, but that will change when the SPAS-15 is released. Shotguns are outgunned by most rifles and SMG’s, making them a slightly unfeasible option for competitive play.

The FN TPS is a fair shotgun. It is a pump action, which puts it at a disadvantage from the start. The ROF is obviously going to be low, which means that it is outclassed by the likes of the Saiga12. Apart from that, this is an average gun. It 1-hit-kills to the body occasionally, and almost always is a 1 hit kill to the head. The range is very lacking, which means that this gun is best suited for CQC. The reload speed is slow. It can be bought for either euros or Gcoins from the weapon shop.

The Saiga12 is arguably the best shotgun currently. It semi-auto, and even though it has less DMG than the TPS, it frequently 1-hit kills to the body, and nearly always to the head. The ROF is very good, meaning if you don’t kill them with the first shot you’ll have enough time to hit them with a second before they kill you. The range is obviously bad, because it’s a shotgun, and it should not be used at ranges over 15 meters. The reload speed is very good, since it’s not a round-by-round reload, but a magazine reload, meaning you can have 7 rounds ready to fire in about 3 seconds. It can be bought from the weapon shop for Gcoins or euros.

Benelli M1014
The Benelli M1014 is a viable option for a shotgun. It has a decent 1-hit kill rate, decent range, and a decent ROF (it’s a semi-auto). The reload is a bit slow, but it can be cancelled mid-way to shoot, meaning your gun is loaded and fireable virtually continuously. The bloom is average, and the pellet spread is quite good. It can be bought from the weapon shop for Gcoins or euros.

Remington 870
The Remington 870 is a dependable shotgun. It has a good 1-hit kill rate, and good accuracy (it’s good out to about 15 meters), but it’s a pump action, and it’s slow. If you don’t kill someone in the first shot, you will likely die. The bloom is a detractor, making fast repeated shots difficult to control. Forego this gun for the Saiga if you can. It can be bought from the weapon shop for either Gcoins or euros.

The SPAS-12 is a good shotgun. It has a large crosshair size, but the bloom is not huge, and the recoil is low. It is outgunned by the Saiga, since the Saiga has a higher ROF, and the Benelli, since it has more DMG, but the mobility and ROF are major attractors. Do not buy this gun if you can buy the Saiga. This gun can be bought for Gcoins or euros from the weapon shop.


Thank you for reading this! If you would like to see extended weapon information, please go to: Melee weapons were the hardest to write about since Ijji does not have a weapon page for them, and I had to do it all by memory.

And, please. FAVORITE THIS! It took me some time to write, and it would really help me out. Again, Thank you!


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