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Vindictus – Review


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I.E Vindictus

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Vindictus – Review

The MMORPG game is full of titles, some pretty valid titles and some other are just a copy of another game. But it is also true that most of those game in order to be successful must have important features that is not available in most of the RPG game, and especially from World of Warcraft, the most known game ever. Vindictus uses the old formula and lucky formula of the hack&slash games, which make the chance to destroy everything his own distinctive point! Vindictus, published by Nexon, uses the famous Free to Play method, which gives the chance to play the game for free, but there are also several items that can be bought with real life money.


Massive Multiplayer Hack & Slash

The character available are 5, which 2 are new.

The faster character from the first 3 characters, is the only male that is able to attacking with his 2 sword and throw javelins continuosly. His most powerful skill obtainable in the first city, is the Thousand Needle a series of attack and a final attack, and the Double Crescent which is made by 2 sword hits extremely powerful. The male character, Lann, is the most easy to use and is also able to avoid several attacks, which is really useful against boss, which haves slow but powerful attacks.

Fiona, is a defensive character which main weapon is the shield. She’s nothing that the classic Tank which is able to absorb a great amount of damages by the Heavy Defensive tactic. The Counterattack is a dynamic attack that is able to shock the enemy after having blocked his attack.

Evie is the classic supporter with magic powers. She’s able to launch fire projectiles, conjure creatures and heal your mates, the sorceress is also able to hit the enemies with her rod.

Those are also the starting skills , by doing missions you’ll get powerful skills that can be upgraded and you are able to spend you earned points in battle, the characters are also able to acquire way more powerful and spectacular skills. There are also extremely powerful attacks, the melee attack with an higher area and enchantements that can hit several enemies, and to obtain them you must play hard level dungeons

But even on high levels, Vindictus still stays on a reflex game. There aren’t only combos and special skills, but even holds that make you able to use the enemy as a shield and throw him against other enemies. Some holds are really spectacular, and regarding the situation it also squash or to launch the enemy into a gulch, a factor that make also dynamic and various the gameplay actions.


Action and Physic

As you can see, the characters are always ready to dynamically battle, even the character with magic powers, the Vindictus’ key is the action. The title is realized by the corean team of devCAT, which is nothing than a beat’em up in an online massive aspect, with the addition of the inventory, character’s levels, skills and social component. The party made by 4 players and the gameplay is not that far from the known Capcom’s fighting games, with maces to hold, barrels to destroy and several magics that often are similar to the special fightings skills. But the action is gived by the 3d graphic of the engine chosen by devCAT, It is the Source Engine developed by Valve for its Half Life 2, which not only is awesome for a MMORPG game but it also making able to have a very good physic in the game. Moreover, Vindictus by sacrificing huge maps it give the highest destruction possible, you are not only able to destroy column but even whole structures, towers and the majority of the game elements in the dungeon. We also have to remember that his engine make able the players to avoid enemy attacks and force us to take the aim while using long range weapons or attacks, an element that in MMORPG games is turned into automatic. It is also true that in terms of , due to the resources combined from with the MMO making look like the various zones as stage of an arcade game. Those animations really remember the classic sequences of the beat’em up. It is also obvious that the boss skills will become more and more powerful, while at the beginning them can be easily faced without any particular attention. The learning of the game is pretty constant, but in the very first beginning are too much easy. But there are 3 difficulty levels to give a more enjoyable gameplay. Also an important thing is the various mantainance and updates that are aimed to keep the difficulty line with the players level and skills.


Source Engine

Vindictus give the player really amazing scenes, starting with the initial intro which also work as tutorial. It really looks like a little single player adventure that gives the player the peculiarities of the game system and some aspect of the game world. A really accurate design have the several shops and city’s structures just full of several pictures. Also the manga feeling is full, but it also break with the design of the game which is pretty neutral, except for the typical corean style dress and wears. The Source Engine is really well used and the places are full of details and characterized accurately. Even the characters are well created and animated, and when the equipment raise, there is nothing to complaint on the aesthetic variety aspect. Instead the dungeons result pretty poor and even if the settings are different, from deserts to snow places, them result pretty repetitive. The rooms are also pretty little and eliminate the pleasure of the exploration and also that majesty that a lot of players search in a MMORPG. But there are also some zones which are well curated, from traps to an huge amount of destroyable objects, and the technic level raise. So the game is really amazing, especially when there are 4 players in the party, the game is absolutely in the max dynamicity. But it also turn into a real chaos when the most annoying thing appear, the latency. Indeed an high ping generate several freezes and anomalies in the game, that make way more chaotic than usual by giving less pleasure in the gameplay.

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