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The truth about Lann...


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I.E Vindictus

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The truth about Lann...

Lann is a great character to play. Right from the start, you can feel his power. His speed, the combos are quick and efficient and of course, DOUBLE swords!!
However, this is not going to be about his skills or your skills with him or how powerful he can actually be in the right hands. This is going to be the tragic truth about why Lann is the most hated character in the game by the community.
Before you start getting into your Lann character, I suggest you read this for some answers.

History lesson.
When Vindictus first started (Beta times), there were only 2 characters to play. Fiona or Lann. Lann was much faster and stronger so the Lann players actually made parties that were "Lann only." Fiona was excluded. In the passing months after they opened that game, a new character arrived. Evie. She, neither Fiona, are the characters they are today. There were immensely buffed, but this is about Lann. So Evie comes onto the scene and she is nothing but a healer. Despite the fact that this game branches away from conventional MMOs in the roles of characters (classes don't fit here), Evie was relegated to be Lann's (and Fiona's) personal healer. Fiona was still excluded from raids though.
Higher content was finally being released and the Lanns that had the game so easy up until now was starting to feel the heat. They used to breeze through it all- but the bosses are more resilient now. Fiona was starting to shine and Evies were getting a rumored revamp- an unimaginable buff. Meanwhile, Lanns were still trying to cling to the throne. They would risk their lives to do the damage and more often than not paid the ultimate price. For them, it was justified- they cleared the dungeon faster sure but they forced the other party members to revive and that got annoying quick.

It's true that Lann takes a lot of skill to play. It's true that he is probably the hardest to play with skill. However, there is the bitter past and the horrible player base to blame. A good Lann and a bad Lann are VERY distinguished. You can tell their skill level easier than you can tell the skill of any other character! A good Sword Lann sticks to the enemy like glue and does a constant stream of damage. A bad Sword Lann dies, revives and dies again blaming it on lag and raging out loud as if the party wants to know his excuses. Now, sword is one thing, but spears is completely different story.
Spear Lann is by far the most difficult character to master. In the early levels of being a spear player, you fly through everything. There is nothing that gets in your way because of something that the community has labeled "Spin2win." While you are doing your hurricane barrage of attacks, you do not flinch at oncoming attacks. You spin right through it. And during the early stages, the enemies do not do enough damage to kill you so you just spin your damage onto them and win.

New players tend to carry this mentality over into the high level play with the battle-hardened veterans who just see them as noobs and worthless to the party. The bosses hit hard, the bosses hit fast and those Lanns do not dodge. They spend half the fight on the ground and the rest of the time eating up the party's resources. What makes matters worse is that spear Lanns have a skill that enables them to die even quicker (in the wrong hands). They have Fury Infusion which trades HP for stamina. So you get infinite stamina, but you are always on the hit-list of the monsters that see you as a 1-shot kill. In the hands of a skilled Lann, 1 HP is enough to win. But that is the top 1%. The rest of the 99% of the Lanns who THINK they can 1HP and win are the ones that no one likes. Don't risk it if you can not do it. Or do it on your own time and not during a critical raid where all help is needed, it is not appreciated.

I hope this helps to explain some things.
Play smart :)

xeqcme posted at 2013-01-18 06:47:26

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