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Nuclear launch detected. Scythe Evie tip.


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Nuclear launch detected. Scythe Evie tip.

With a Scythe Evie, it is very easy to get carried away. You hit, pull and then run. However easy and awesome that is, those 3 simple steps includes the death card for poor little Evie. That middle part- pull. Greed rears its ugly head and death is just around the bend.

You see, Scythie is a very delicate glass cannon. Only more on the glass side...and not so much a cannon but a nuke. Built properly, her damage is amazing. Her burst damage is second to none. You really get the sense from playing it in dungeons. As the rest of your party is swinging and slashing around you have cleared a room of Fomors in a snap of a finger! Literally!

However, when it comes to the boss. You have to retreat. Do NOT be greedy! Do not risk that extra second of pulling your strings at the cost of your last Mana Shield. If it happens to be a critical hit, you're done and that pull is rendered worthless. Instead, be happy with just the hit- no need to pull or snap. Or be happy with a smaller combo. You still do damage! Always look for the, as Day[9] would call it, "Guaranteed damage." Do not blow it off as a weak hit because Scythies have something amazing they work towards with EVERY hit. That is the SP skill Insane Reaper. Every hit of the Scythie gains her SP and that brings you one step closer to getting IR up. Screw Reverse Gravity. Infinite stamina and +10% attack speed will net you tons more damage! Plus it'll get your SP back up again because it lets you stay aggressive AND safe.

So don't get greedy with your snaps. Remember that you are burst damage. Not constant stay in the face and hit them damage. Leave that to the other characters.

xeqcme posted at 2013-01-18 08:01:15

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