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I.E Vindictus

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Game Review and My Opinion

Hey guys this is sleepDaddy and today i'll be telling you about a 'Game Review' on Vidictus.
This is quite a good game as you can all sorts of thing you can imagine. But it isn't the best as compared to other forms of MMORPG games. Its a free to play game and you can download it from google search. The producers of the game are Nexon and hence any special item that you wanna buy you shall need to pay for it using the Nexon Cash. You can also use your Fan Buck's to buy them.
About the Game:
Well this is surely a game to download and also played. If you are kind of those people who like killing monsters with what so ever they feel like then boy this is your game.
Even I joined this game only because of the fact that you can almost pick anything up and attack the monsters. You have the swords to kill with. You also get items when you kill the monsters. This game has different modes that is the Hard mode , Medium , Easy.
Monsters get harder to beat in Hard mode. The graphics ain't so bad but yea it has a lot of glitches that you would experience as you move on with the game.
How to play it?
Well its quite easy you can swash the enemy with your mouse clicks and move around the W,A,S,D.
You can also pick the enemies weapon by pressing Space Bar. But remember you can only slash once with that item and then it disappears.
Tip: Make sure that you slash all the pots and the crates as the award a lot of items or gems.
The only thing that the game does not have are guns . I am a great fan of guns but this game isn't that type. It is more into swords and stuff.
Xp increase every time you kill an enemy. As i said about the graphics isn't so good. It has a lot of glitches that might irritate you when you play.
The best part about the game is you can pass through the wooden gates by slashing it.You are awarded with +2 Xp every time you perform a combo. Another part of the game that people find cool about is that you can kill the enemy with a spear by aiming on him.
Shield is also provided so that you can block shots that may be effective.
My review on it:
Well this game is surely worth a try. And this game is also quite easy to play and hence most of the people get a hand of the game in one go. You can pick up almost anything to hit the enemy which is really cool. And they also got these spears which can be used to aim the enemy from a far of distance.
Well i would rate this game a 8.6/10.
Do fan it up if you like it. Do wait for more games to be reviewed by sleepDaddy. THE GAME FREAK!!!!!!!!!!

sleepDaddy posted at 2012-03-05 23:59:25

nice Pic bro :)
lnvadee posted 8 years 27 weeks ago
asdasdasdasds posted 8 years 32 weeks ago

nice Pic bro :)


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