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Welcome to FanUp's "I <3 My Game" guide contest.

Over the next two weeks show your love for your favorite game and submit a guide for a chance to win a glorious prize in one each of the four categories.

Fantasy & Adventure Games

First Person Shooters

Facebook Games

Mobile Games

 To increase your chances to win, remember to check your spelling, always add an image, give it a good title people can understand and make it personal!

How to Play


Simple, just submit guides to your favorite game sections as normal! If they are top notch they are automatically entered in the contest!




1. Guides must be 100% original content.

2. You may enter as many Guides as you like but you will only be eligible to win one prize.

3. Guides will be judged by FanUp staff and Guardians.



Top Guide Awards:

Grand Prize for best overall guide - 3000 FanBucks

1st Place In each catagory - 1500 Fanbucks

2nd Place in each catagory - 1000 FanBucks

3rd Place in each catagory 500 FanBucks


Winners will also receive a FanUp Avatar shirt of their choice

as well as a REAL FanUp T-Shirt!


Begins Febuary 1st and will end on the Febuary 14th



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