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Map control: placing wards


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Map control: placing wards

An important aspect in this game (and many players often overlook, yet still rookies) is the map control at any stage thereof. It's amazing how much information you can get from the mere fact of having a ward at each rune at all times, and even more often if we put any enemy in the forest (farmeo your area carry a rule). The charge of buying and placing wards is mainly supported by our team, then sacrificing part of their equipment or delaying the purchase of the same for the team to control the map and route the game in our favor .
Optionally ganker our team can buy some but they will be placed at your discretion (usually in the woods enemy) to allow greater control gankeo area. We must not allow our carry spend money on wards should not even waste time to locate them. The carry is the hero who should get to late game can decide the game, so all of your money should be focused on items of damage and / or attack speed. Our support must adapt to every situation of the game, depending on who is dominating and the towers have fallen, for the placement of the wards.
But the work does not end there, our support must also have control over our enemy placing wards, having to buy wards of revelations for viewing and destroy. It is so important to control the map and prevent the opposing team controls it.
Below are a few examples of areas susceptible to control.
Wards to control runes and / or prevent ganks:
At the start of the game is especially important to control to avoid gankeados runes. By placing wards at all times know who takes the runes and where you are going, and help our hero in his mid farmeo takes bottle because if you can use it to save the rune and so use it when it suits you to their advantage. Here are two examples of how to place wards for rune control at all times. Its location may vary as we see in the top rune on images. The 2nd option is recommended when we are legion and we want to avoid any that may come gank mid hero and grab a little more of the forest area but still see the rune.
In the following example we have an alternative placement of the top and bot runes. For top rune has been closer to mid to prevent any possible gankeo to the hero who is farming back in mid lane. In the top rune has been the ward next to the entrance ramp to the forest, is still seen leaving the area where the rune and also control two inputs to forest, preventing possible gankeos. The 3rd you can see in the picture is normally used to prevent gankeos the heroes who farm in bot lane. In the 2nd picture we see as being Hellbourne place the ward so as to control the rune of top and prevent ganks towards the hero in mid lane farmea also given an alternative placement for bot rune ward.
A particular case of rune bot may be the next placement. You get to control the bot rune and also is part of the forest near the lane so it serves to prevent the coming gankeos own lane. The heroes who have gone before, we sing the miss and then we have simply been hiding in the forest just beginning to move forward and wait for gankearnos. The disadvantage of this ward is not controlled at the entrance to the forest rune bot, so the hero can come mid gankearnos and not realize until we have above.
The main advantage is that we control and prevents rune of the ganks, so we save one ward.
This next example does not control any rune but allows part Hellbourne forest that is near the lane, preventing most gankeos produced in top.
Wards defensive:
The towers along with a powerful defense against the enemy give us map view so if we lose one or more supplement their lack with the placement of some wards in transit sites as possible from the enemy. Being Legion if we lost the first mid tower and the first tower bot (top on Hellbourne) will the wards and in the 1st capture to ensure our forest from unwanted visitors. If we Hellbourne possible placement may be the 2nd image. In both cases the aim is the same.
Wards Attack / gankeo:
Assuming that early game has gone well and we managed to knock down two towers of our enemy is time to take our advantage. This will place wards in transit zones of the forest of our enemy and preferably close to the next tower that we will pushear. In this way we will be better prepared in the event of a battle and it will push our vision for a possible gank on the enemy team carry, that is who should be farming back the first half hour of departure in their forest.
Playing as Legion post a ward up the mountain near his tower also getting insight into two of the respawns to neutral creeps. Another ward the area will place the input coming from mid lane and optionally keep the ward top rune (if our creeps are well advanced we can save this ward to put it later, for example in our withdrawal after push or gank ). The 1st capture shows this example.
Playing as Hellbourne will post one of the wards on the mound for the bottom left corner of the forest, but only controlled one neutral spot near vision also win the 2nd line of towers (mid and bot). Another wards can be placed in the woods so it will control exactly where moves to farm the enemy carry. Although we can optionally place a ward at bot rune I recommend a 3rd option that reveals another neutral creeps spots. The 2nd capture gives an example of the above.
Wards situational
Protecting Kongor: We are finishing mid game and into late game, the game is even and any battle can decide the victory ... it's time to check if our enemy tries to kill Kongor. This will place a ward just before Kongor or nearby. The advantage of the first option is that we can calculate much better when going into battle if the enemy team is killing Kongor. The other option does not control exactly Kongor respawn but nearby, so you can control when the opposing team comes to kill him but get no further details (quantity and condition of the enemies that are killing Kongor, life Kongor) . The advantage of the latter option is that you control the bot rune.
Mounds of 2nd tower: These wards are quite helpful when pushear towers 2nd line. It was an example of the wards of gankeo ward where one stood on the mound in each forest but here shows the opposite side option for each team, ie the area near the neutral creeps higher level.
Lock neutral creeps (Anti Pull - Anti Stack): The purpose of placing wards in the birth of neutral creeps is blocking the birth of the same, removing the possibility of doing the opposite stacks or pulls.
If we want to avoid the typical pulls should place a ward as follows. 1st option blocking in playing as Legion Hellbourne forest, playing 2nd option as Hellbourne forest blocking the legion.

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