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Lanear: How to level up in early game.


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Heroes of Newerth

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Lanear: How to level up in early game.

Once purchased the initial items we should agree when distribute to us in the lanes. Generally players and medium-low is distributed as follows:
2 players down (bot lane)
2 players above (top lane)
1 player in the middle (mid lane)
We will carry one of the two side lanes or accompanied by any support our hero who can help in case of attempting gankearlo (that can cure, having stun to allow escape, etc). In principle it does not matter which of the two lanes go, but I recommend that if you play as Legion go bot and if you play as Hellbourne go top as it is easier to farm the game as you near the tower and you can do pull with neutral creeps.
A mid lane will most dominating our hero early game. Being alone in the lane get more experience per creep kill, which level will rise faster start before allowing the ganks. In principle this lane is for the team ganker.
The other lane will the two remaining heroes.
We should note that if we in our team with more than 1 carry or semi-carry they must go to different lanes for crepear fuedan smoothly. No matter that our carrys compete among themselves for getting gold for creeps.
We must also take into account when distributing the lanes not putting it in a 2 melee heroes (melee heroes) because if you are a hero in front of this range will greatly hinder farmeo because you can hit without having to approach them. We must take this into account when we agree to when choosing our heroes before the game starts.
Try not to die.
It is something that seems obvious but many novices overlook. If you die a lot at first you will be considered a feeder and stop being useful to the team as they always go behind some levels and become the weakest hero in battle. Besides that, who kills a hero gets most gold and experience if kill a creep, and we do not want to give any advantage to our enemy, right? Try to play it safe at first, focus on killing creeps and not die.
Make sure the last hit and denies.
The creeps give experience to the heroes that are in close range but only gets the gold who would provide the last hit (last hit). So we keep making auto-attack creeps in the lane, but we will walk tuned for who would only give the final blow to kill the creeps. Similarly we can make our enemies get less experience and less golden creeps denying our allies when they have low health. The first 5-6 levels the game will be a war of last hits and denies to get a little experience and gold advantage over our enemies.
Bugging your enemies.
When we try to rank a hero every time we hit the enemy heroes we have in the lane and farm the game will be more uncomfortable line and we will have some at bay. If we are accompanied by a melee hero (melee) we do this constantly to allow it to constant farming quieter. This is called Harrassement (abbreviated harras).
Look at the map whenever possible.
Do it every 4 or 5 seconds, it will be hard at first but if you get it done automatically always have fresh information on how the game progresses. Even a quick look at the battles we have in our map lower left corner can help us decide what to do.
Warn when you see your enemy.
In case you've lost sight of your enemies lane (for whatever reason) you must notify your teammates. This is considered a miss and we write in chat or voice say, accompanied by some sign on the map if we knew the possible location or where they go. At the beginning of headings tell the misses is vital, you can keep your classmates who farm in another lane are the victim of a gank. Is constant and strict on this, a player who does not give notice of his misses are not a good player and thereby harm the rest of the team.

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