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Beastwood Flint Guide


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Beastwood Flint Guide

Flint Beastwood

The Flint Beastwood is a hero belonging to Hellbourne Agility; their equivalence in DotA would become the Sniper.

Item Build:

Items for the start of Game:


Items pair the Early Game

Items pair the Mid Game 


Items pair the Late game 

Items the end of Game

Skill Build: 
1 Dead Eye (1) 
2 Hollowpoint Shells (1) 
3 Hollowpoint Shells (2) 
4 Dead Eye (2) 
5 Dead Eye (3) 
6 Money Shot (1) 
7 Hollowpoint Shells (3) 
8 Hollowpoint Shells (4) 
9 Explosive Flare (1) 
10 Explosive Flare (2) 
11 Money Shot (2) 
12 Explosive Flare (3) 
13 Explosive Flare (4) 
14 Dead Eye (4) 
15 Stats 
16 Money Shot (3) 
17-25 Stats 

The Flint Beastwood hero is a senior agility which can stay away from enemy heroes, and shoot them from a distance. The basis of this attack is average but the hero skill "Dead Eye" makes your attacks one of the most powerful in the game.

After obtaining all the items your hero should be able to kill an enemy unit before it can get closer to you, another thing to take intoaccount with this build, is that emphasis is on the attack and attack speed and movement of the hero , so it will be very useful since beginning until the end of the game.

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