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Happy Pets

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what is the objective this?

what is the objective this? i dont no i want to saber im portuguese so go to the tradutor if dont undersatnd sometnhing word ty

francisco posted at 2011-12-13 12:14:58


  • Danxpro said:

    Tienes un cuarto en el que puedes tener muchas clases de mascotas,tienes q alimentarlas, jugar con ellas, acarisiarlas , entre otras cosas para subir de nivel =)

    6 years 24 weeks
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  • afrin said:

    the object of the pets are add us with them and our main work will be feed them ,pet them, play with them, and watch with them.Customize a dream home to playing and live happily ever after.

    7 years 50 weeks
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