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Happy Island

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Level Up Faster!

If you are kinda ''Stock'' in a level & you cant level up easier you can do this:

-Build a lot of Bussines (No Matter Price): You will earn Coins & EXP easily
-Upgrade em!: Always try to get your attractions at the maxim upgrade it will give you more EXP & Coins when you do it, also when you collect the coins you will get EXP! :)
-Why not askin friends for 'Gifts'?: If you got friends playin Happy Island you can tell em for Exchange gifts, what i mean is; You can send em a gift everyday & they will send you a gift too! :D
-Some Surveys: in Facebook you can also make some surveys, you can get like '14 Facebook Credits' just for answerin some simple questions!
-FanBucks for Facebook Credits: as you know FanUp is an easy way for earn stuff for your favorite games! :D, you can buy some facebook credits for makin your island BETTER! :D

lnvadee posted at 2011-11-19 11:47:45

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