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mini guide hunter mode



blitz mode playing as hunter



Hunter regarded by many as the noobs mode since it has no firepower or more amount of damage or bullets is the basic way to play blitz but flatly wrong


the hunter is the most dangerous of all in the field just because it is capable of upgrading weapons much faster than others and therefore get much firepower and damage

the most appropriate way to upgrade to the next hunter is good depends on the type of weapons they use




if you're running brakers recommend you begin updating your weapons with option 2 or letter (U) bullet rather new type that gives your shots faster

then continue with option 4 or letter (O) rather incendiary bomb

acontinuacion option 1 or letter (Y) or type new weapons

which allows greater impact damage  


already started and those 3 to level 4 update but all ready and won game xD





polopier posted at 2013-04-10 18:42:13

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