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1  Equipment position and arms Tab

     It will show the team put in character and weapon item.

     It can be equipped or unlock the item pulling and releasing each item.


2 List of equipment

   It will show the list item that has brought cash from central bank and the item that    you have purchased in the store.


3 storange

   It will show the list of cash item that you have purchased on the website. The          cash items will be sent    to the storange, and for use with the character of the        account, you must bring item from the storange.


4 Send to storange

    Send the storange the cash item selected. (The buyer in game items money can       not be sent

   the central bank.) The cash item that is on the list of teams current character can    use if the other

   character the same account.

polopier posted at 2013-04-26 09:48:19

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xKordraGx posted 8 years 25 weeks ago
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polopier posted 8 years 25 weeks ago

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