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How to kill Lich


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How to kill Lich

Devil's Dictionary + Enormously Huge Skull = Lich

based on my experienced..

This is dungeon boss with 4 round stage.
NPC: Skeleton/Skeleton mages/Skeleton warriors/Skeleton Generals/Cursed Corpses/Richies
Reward - Torn Page 65, Lich's Tail, Wings of Catastrophe, Dark Lord Trousers


hard for solo person.

2 players upto 4 players can do this:

You need dagger/sword, 2 machine gun or 1 machine gun or 2 shotgun and 1 riffle then Magazine pouch and Medicine. (use where you played well)

1st to 3rd round: Just kill NPC. especially The skeleton generals and cursed corpses.

in last round, Just shoot boss and 1 player will hunt for the items or ammo/hp/ap, so it'll be easy. If run out of ammo/hp/ap, kill NPC just to have. then, shoot boss again until it dies.

just all focus on boss. More powerful and Much harder boss of all.

Thank you and God bless.. I hope this will be helpful.

NYLeiGRAM posted at 2011-08-23 22:53:51

its ez to solo
camelolz posted 2 years 31 weeks ago

its ez to solo

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