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Gunz ( special edition )


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Gunz ( special edition )


Hi guys this is idiot stunt and today I’ll talk about the one and only Gunz.First I’ll talk about the game..




As far I know the publisher of this game is ijji. If u want to climb the walls hit the enemy with the swords then this is a perfect one for you.




My words are less to describe this game. This is a God gifted one. But when you play a game it is totally chaos, people run on the wall doing back flips which confuse you fully and you feel damn boring as you are a novice. But chaos is the best part of the game which makes it special. This game has a fair amount of maps and the selection of weapons is so extensive that you get tired after sometime. You can also prefer swords and stuff but they can only be hit if you are closer to an enemy. Earn money get more kills and you can buy different weapons or armor’s in the game store. There is not much stuff in the store that is why you’ll notice that many of the people are look alike’s.



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After playing a lot you will get addicted to it and find it very interesting. The fact that this game has 8 types of different modes is another reason why I cant stop myself from playing it. The game modes are Death match, Team death, Team Death +Extreme, Gladiator, Assassination, Training, and quest. The most popular ones are Death match and Team Death match. Players have to kill as many monsters and bosses as they can.


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Gunz has mostly two types of gaming modes one is normally which is preferred by most of the player’s. But others like to play this game by glitching and by K or D styling which is common these days. This is classified as cheating but still people do it. K styling is usually a player is quickly swinging his sword while dashing and any of the direction. D styling is something similar to this but the difference is it has a dragger instead of a sword. It is curious to know these styles but you can learn these by watching videos from YouTube.





There are so many features in Gunz and one of the most interesting is to build a clan. You can fight against other clans by clan battles and stuff.




My one of the complaints to Ijji is the game’s poor handling of lagging player’s. You can imagine if someone lags and kills you it fells so embarrassing and it would also spoil our mood. Even if you hit them they won’t die cause they are lagging. This is damn frustrating. Sometimes you kill a lagger but they still don’t stop lagging.

This is the end of this guide and I think you got a lot of info.  About this game. I’ll keep providing you these type of information’s till then it is “Idiot Stunt”.

idiotstunt posted at 2012-11-10 09:08:58

The guide can have even more specific especially on the type of styles and intro of the game. Nice guide anyways
camelolz posted 8 years 48 weeks ago

The guide can have even more specific especially on the type of styles and intro of the game. Nice guide anyways

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