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Peace be upon you and Allah's mercy and blessings after salutations and peace and speech de

He also promised some members Banny Haml full and detailed explanation of the game and I'm keeping my word Buffy Lahu

First, explain the game ..

The game is a war game with swords and machine guns . And like that means the game is similar to the movements of playing max panye de sweeter , but of course the same bacterium Jervic and movements to the Kvaia talk and get into the game GS explain Pictures
Wait upload photos

Enter the first on the site de

Enter the second image on the de Gayh

And after that dos on the image to Gayh to work in the game Laconte

Stay the night with photos

After that Htrdja to enter the main page on the image to Gayh

And after Keda dos here

And after that you Htnzel game

Woody image to download the game

And after that Htlaqy in Desktop Econh uniforms de dos them

Get into the game remained NST

Follow Images

After what rid Htlaqy Econh uniforms de dos them in the Desktop

Notable .. loading Haakd means a lot Libby nobody ask me I Bakalli 3 hours and Lessa sincere .. I Hcolh Malesh invitation if you have a net Butti speed .. 512 Abiekd almost an hour , but a quarter or increase

After loading rid Htejy FILE uniforms de

Get into the game remained in the explanation of the faces of means from the inside

After intervention Htlaqy Photo DVD

Htlaqy types of servers in the server .. Baiqy any particular affection keyed it in the faces of people Ktearer Baiqy affection for the color red , but you write the data and choose the server and dos login

After that Htdkhal on Llacunt yours and of course the ones you Laconte replaced with new or wipe Laconte Old You are working as well as possible Laconte mesh one , but

Stay with images remained

1_ enter the playroom ( select the room first )

2_ work a new room to play

3_ room to play in his favor Htlaqy blue mesh them

4_ room is omitted in favor lot of people to play

5_ shop or a place to buy arms ( LES alone explain below )

6_ place of storage of weapons is easy to explain

7_ place to change Allivl means possible , for example, you enter a room with one Level 22 and Level 1 you ..

8_ control .. Woody known course

9_ have Buddy List

10_ chat General Chat for all people

11_ to enter the registration site

12_ work for renovation of the page

13_ change Alserfart

14_ out of the game

Stayed explain how to buy a weapon

First purchase depends on the lvl , yours and your money and Doulm Bjbhm of killing people means a lot to kill everything that needs de Yazid

Htlahz in the picture I Hatt two marks alone on your capabilities and by other liabilities on arms

I think you understand Partial de

After that ÇŇÇě to enter the game and play remained

First one to enter the room like what we say or do the rooms and Estana end enters Maak

Woody pictures of rooms

Of course Htlaqy people in the room with you and Htqlaqy name and Allival Ptall

After that Todhah pictures of the faces of the game

In the image de Htlaqy blood Ptaak protection and Alevil Ptaak Yazid

Woody stayed pictures of the faces of the game .. I hope it Tjbochoa

Friendly image . Also

I wish to convey the subject writes the source and Thread Starter

I lifter image on the site Lord, what Akont restricted extent .. even when fairly Aaiziny Arfhm on site Tani I'm ready .. But it remains patient

Lord knows I'm tired and I had no game I got an ad hoc Ahan I Mcnch originally Belaha means invalidated play , but you've downloaded Ahan members should quit

Vairat not Tboukloh him a word of thanks

Please accept my greetings

zoro posted at 2014-04-03 01:41:04

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