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Gunz 2: the Second Duel Interview: CBT


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Gunz 2: the Second Duel Interview: CBT

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Gunz 2: the Second Duel

As Gunz 2: the Second Duel just closed its first closed beta server, the whole team behind this game had a break to accept our interview. It is a perfect moment to talk with our friend Christian Schönlein, Product Manager at ProSiebenSat.1 Games GmbH about this game in Europe. The second round of closed beta test is coming on September 16th. What will Christian Schönlein bring to us? Let's get started with this interview.

Q: Hello, Christian. Thank you for accepting our interview. Gunz 2: the Second Duel is highly anticipated by many players due to its already popular predecessor GunZ. Now, this game is becoming playable in Europe soon, players must be very excited. Would you please introduce briefly about this upcoming game to those who have not known it?
Christian: Like its predecessor, GunZ 2 is a Third Person-Shooter that's all about fast paced action with an "acrobatic twist". It's not just about running and gunning like most shooters out there, but you actually make the environment your ally by running alongside walls. The developers are taking great care to make this kind of movement really easy to pick up but hard to master. So you can just pick up a match and play for 15 minutes or organize in a professional clan for some serious e-sports. It's really up to you. Bottom-line is: GunZ 2 is simply straight, "in-your-face" fun!

Gunz 2: the Second Duel

Q: Will Gunz 2 continue GunZ's story?
Christian: Well, let's be honest here - as a multiplayer shooter, the storyline isn't really what GunZ is all about. That said, the developers took great care in crafting a universe that puts the action into a compelling context. Basically, you find yourself in a conflict very similar to the Cold War. Just that it's not oil that will change the frontlines, but a resource by the name of Optimite. Injecting Optimite into your body grants you superhuman strength that lets you run alongside walls. Now two factions, the Guardians Sans Frontiers (G.A.U.) and New Astra Union (N.A.U.) are fighting over supremacy - which is the entire, competitive PvP aspect of the game. Eventually, a bigger threat arises: in order to fight a conglomerate of weapon manufacturers called Adam Corporation, the G.S.F. and N.A.U. will join forces to beat waves of enemies in PvE-Mode.

Q: Did it do any improvements in terms of gameplay? Did it add any new features?
Christian: Probably the most controversial change is the lack of K-Style, a sort of bug abusing that for some reason became a feature of its own in the original game. In GunZ 2 it's no longer possible to cancel and chain together movements and animations in a way you could in GunZ 1. However, as I said the whole running alongside walls - which admittedly gave more depth to the gameplay of the original GunZ, is now part of the actual gameplay. Aside from that the game is much more character centric now, with various character classes each playing differently. So there's an entirely new challenge for you to master different play styles. So even if some players don't agree with the lack of K-Style, I truly hope that they will give GunZ 2 a shot to experience and master this entirely new gameplay challenge. Almost every GunZ player who gave GunZ 2 a try agreed that the game plays different, but in a really good way.

Gunz 2: the Second Duel

Q: Are the localization going smoothly? Could you talk about the previous alpha test? What did that test focus on?
Christian: Localizations are going great! Just recently we paid a visit to lovely London to do some voice recordings which was great fun. We are planning to still offer the original Korean voices as well for the hardcore fans out there. Naturally, this is part of our alpha testing. We have a horde of testers who keep their eyes open for any sort of bugs - no matter whether it's a misplaced sentence or a bug that's actually affecting the gameplay. During the Closed Beta we are counting on our community to help us test the balancing and how stable the servers are.

Q: You just finished the first Closed Beta - can you tell us more about the upcoming schedule?
Christian: Yes, we are dividing the Closed Beta into several phases. The first one was held from August 19th to September 1st -we wanted to show the game in all its glory during the gamescom in Cologne, Germany, so that's why together with MAIET we decided to go with this schedule. We are now taking a short break to fix the first couple of issues and will be starting into a second CBT phase on September 16th.

Q: What about GunZ2's Gamescom 2013 trip? Will you please share the most impressive part of GunZ2's debut at Gamescom with our readers?
Christian: Gamescom was a blast! We were attending with our colleagues from the ESL (Electronic Sports League) making a clear point about how we are definitely looking at GunZ 2 as a potential E-Sports candidate. We had ten gaming stations at our booth, so we could always have ten players competing in Deathmatches. All of the PCs were constantly occupied by interested players, so that was a great success! But the most flattering part was when hardcore GunZ 1 players would swing by our booth and admit that, while GunZ 2 plays somewhat different, they actually really liked the experience. Our most prominent guest was Tenko, the European GunZ 1 Champion. He would stay at our booth and help us organize matches and hand out merchandise. It was awesome!

Q: What features of GunZ2 in Gamescom playable version were highly praised by players?
Christian: One thing we were all pretty anxious about is how players would react to the lack of K-Style. But as I said, in the end we rarely got any negative feedback about that. Quite the opposite, most players really liked how fast paced the game is. Some even mentioned how it takes them back to the good old days of Unreal and Quake, which, as a longtime fan of these games, I take as a huge compliment!

Gunz 2: the Second Duel


Q: Which is players' favorite character or class during the Gamescom 2013?
Christian: The most played character was the Gunslinger, which to be honest wasn't a big surprise for us. The Gunslinger is probably the easiest character to pick up if you haven't played the game before. We did have some players who already had some practice from the CBT who would prefer to play with the Avenger or the Shield Trooper. These characters require some practice, but once you got the hang of it, they really bring in some diversity. In general, the feedback about the balancing was really good. One of the main targets of the CBT was to test the balancing and adjust it accordingly to get it spot on. But as it was, the balancing was widely praised!

Q: What content could players experience in the closed beta test and during gamescom? And can you share some specifics with us about those characters you mentioned?
Christian: The Closed Beta features the core content of GunZ 2, including the first PvE campaign, consisting of nine levels, as well as three PvP modes, five maps and three character classes. The classes are very versatile with something for every type of player. The Silent Avenger is a very sneaky guy, dispatching enemies from a distant with his sniper rifle - or going into melee combat with his Katana. If you're more into sheer power than swiftness, then you should go for the Shield Trooper. With his Shield he's almost impenetrable. However, he has to get in close enough to use his Minigun or Flamethrower. If you're more of an all-rounder, the Gunslinger is a "Jack of all trades" and very good with weapons that shoot bullets and grenades. We are planning to continuously enhance this roster of characters. We actually had a survey on our facebook profile where we asked players about what kind of characters they would want to see in the future. The response was overwhelming with some really cool ideas for upcoming character classes. We're currently evaluating those together with the devs, so there's definitely something to look forward to.

Gunz 2: the Second Duel

Q: What features in closed beta do you want to recommend to players?
Christian: Well, all aspects are great really. I mean, it really depends on what kind of player you are. If you're into cooperative action games, definitely give the campaign mode a shot. Out of all the competitive modes, I personally like Team Elimination the best. In this game mode, players side with one of two teams. The tricky part is that every player only has one life - so if you get killed, there's no respawn. The last team to have at least one remaining player on the battlefield wins the match. I like this because it's a really nice change of pace from the frantic deathmatches and requires much more strategy. It's so much fun trying out different strategies with teams consisting of the various character classes.

Q: Gunz 2 has finished the alpha test in March in Korea. Will European version have the same pace as Korean version or will it be ahead of the KR version?
Christian: With several months of development time, the version we are now testing is of course somewhat advanced. A lot of bugs have been taken out of the game and the matchmaking that will pit you against players of your own strength, has been refined.

Gunz 2: the Second Duel


Q: Will this game require a high-end computer to play?
Christian: The developers have built their own Engine, called the RealSpace Engine 3.0. This engine creates beautiful visuals without the need for some high-end gaming PC. If you want to play with the best possible graphics, an Intel Core2 DUO E6550 or AMD CPU of the same level, paired with a GeForce GTS 250 will do.

Q: Can you show more details about the Founder's Package? Why do you release such a package so early? Is there any special marketing plans?
Christian: The development of a game costs a lot of money. And with GunZ 2 being in development for several years now, a lot of cost has come up already. So we took a hint from many other online games and created three packages that work similar to "pre-ordering" the game. You can already purchase these Founder's Packages now and be guaranteed some exclusive content once the game hits its commercial release later this year. This includes new versions of the Gunners Heaven costumes from GunZ 1, as well as exclusive golden weapons that will not be available elsewhere. With this financial support from the fans we can further polish the game.

Gunz 2: the Second Duel

Q: What's the update cadence for the game in the near future?
Christian: I can't give out any details yet - simply because we haven't decided ourselves as of yet. Right now we're all focusing on the launch phase. But the idea is to release several smaller updates with new weapons and the like, with bigger updates featuring new character classes, game modes and so on every six month or so.

Q: Will you block IPs from outside Europe? For example, could players in North American and SEA enter the EU server?
Christian: As the European publisher, ProSiebenSat.1 Games operates exclusive Gunz2 game servers located in Europe. To guarantee the best gaming experience the registration is indeed only available from IP ranges within the licensed territory.

Gunz 2: the Second Duel

Q: What kind of business model will you adopt in the future?
Christian: We understand that GunZ 2 is a highly competitive game that's even fit for E-Sports. So naturally we want to avoid Pay2Win at all cost! So we are planning to offer all main contents for both Cash, as well as in-game currency.

Gunz 2: the Second Duel

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