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Dear Members of Forum programs
I present to you the game gunz Online

Game is a sci Xue Xue imagination but better than fiction

Pictures of the game

And these and you Down game means you play

Then these are the pictures

( ( Note large size images Please wait until the download ) )

Jpetk game complemented with me

Explain the recording mode

Press here to register the game play

My game data as shown in the following picture

1 - Filter Results followed the game to enter the server by
2 - The password for Yoezer
3 - The password re-
4 - the name that will appear to people and you play the game play , for example, My name is i7lanawaf
5 - secret question in case you forget your PIN
6 - answer the secret question you choose
7 - email Tbek
8 - Country
9 - Gender
10 - Click here if Millette data

Then it's time to download the game

Atsngrbun Pethml to quickly file it first played

Only then install him as well as you ČíŘáÚ

1 - quantitative uploaded so far
2 - download speed

Then to bear

1 - tells you that the download concluded
2 - Click here for the game seemed

Then to operate the game as well as you ČíŘáÚ

1 - Filter Results recorded to the name Mo Filter Results mean square wrote the first day of registration
2 - The password to the recorded
3 - the first since the server showing the number of players
4 - the second server where it appears the number of players
( ( Select Server ) )
5 - Click here after Matdkhal information and choose the server

Then wait to enter the game as well then you ČíŘáÚ

1 - Name to ĘČí shows people
2 - Gender male nor female sex means personal Btsoeha
3 - Hair Style
4 - face shape
5 - arms
6 - Click here if concluded

Then get rid of what you as well as ČíŘáÚ

1 - to name recorded it with a thousand Tbek
2 - Click here for the game seemed

Well then you ČíŘáÚ

1 - Place the emergence of the specified red Romat
2 - to view Romat Other
3 - Select the number and press him to enter here
4 - to build your own rum

Since then, the intervention of the Roman ČíŘáÚ you well

1 - Roman name entered into
2 - Place the emergence of the specified red Alaobei
3 - the game seemed to

zoro posted at 2014-04-03 01:25:57

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