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Guide for Veterans: Fighting Moves


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Guide for Veterans: Fighting Moves

Fighting moves for Veterans Gunz users are a little hard to learn and perform, but when the user dominate them, you will be doing these moves without even thinking. These moves are only three combos, they have to be learn in order to become a pro.
Half Step
To perform this move you must do the next combination while holding a sword or kodachis:
Space + Dash (in any direction) +Slash (hold left click) + change to weapon ("e" or "q").
You can use this move in a lot of fighting situations.
Lets put an example in Mansion Attack and Defense:
-When you attacking other team base you half step forward, because first thing enemy will do is to fall back.
-After the enemy team fall back, they will try to counter your team attacks so you go out of their base doing half step backwards and get to cover to heal yourself and reload your guns.
*Note that this attack its only effective when you are wearing shotguns or pistols.
You can perform a second attack with your secondary weapon by pressing "e" after doing the halfstep with your primary weapon.
-Really fast attack.
-You have a chance to slash the enemy while doing it.
-Low chances to dodge bullets (this isnt a move to dodge bullets).
-This move can be cancelled if an enemy block your slash while performing half step.
-If you dont combo attack with both weapons, after some halfstep your number of bullets will be different.
Before learning this move, you will have to go to options menu in game and change your keyboard setting like these:
-Block: instead of "shift", put it on right click.
-Alternate attack: instead of right click, put in on "q" or any key you feel comfortable.
To do this move you have to do this:
Jump (Space) + Dash + Slash + Block - Repeat it
*Note that Slash and Block have to be donde really quick, all the move have to be perform in the air.
This moves is really usefull in Sword only fights.
-If you trap someone in constantly butterflies its really easy to kill him.
-Chance to block some bullets while doing the block part of the move.
-You can perform a Half Step after doing a Butterfly.
-This move can be cancelled if an enemy block your slash.
-Going directly to the opponent doing butterflies can be a deadly choice for you if you are playing with melee and ranged weapons, because you become and easy target while approaching to the enemy.
Reload Shot
This moves consists basically in fire weapons with a low fire rate continiously by swaping them after one shot.
To perform this move you have to hold the left click while swapping throw your primary and secondary guns, you can do this with "e" and "q", or by using your mouse scroller.
*Note that if you want you can press reload after the first shot so second one will be faster (from that becomes the name).
It is recommended to move from left to right while doing this so you can dodge some bullets.
-You can hit an enemy fast with powerfull weapons.
-Usefull when enemy is whith low health.
-You can kill someone you just flipped.
-Great for killing afk players really fast.
-You can perform this after a Half Step.
-You are vulnerable while doing this move.
-Butterflies can easily kill you because you will have to change to your sword to block.
Thanks for reading it comment it and and fan it.

Dieier posted at 2012-06-14 13:02:33

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