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Hey guys this is idiot stunt and the following passage with give you a brief description on Gun bound.

It has been a long time that I’m playing this game and believe me if you start with this game once you will never wanted to stop it. The graphics of this game are a cartoony type which make the game better and increases your experience and make your game more challenging. It is basically a 2D multi-player shooting game. Players need a quick movement to get through this game and during the game you will notice that a player will come and hit you and vanish so you have to be quick with it. Being quick is one thing the other thing that has to be concentrated ids the aiming and the target set by you. The amount of zoom and the strength and the direction to shoot. The gameplay is fun but its sucks when you just die and die and are not able to kill. This only happens due to less concentration or if a pro has joined the game. The team that get the hit points to zero will win and get points accordingly and just keep this thing in your mind that more points means faster leveling up or there are some modes where you can also win by destroying the main terrain of the opponents that cause them to fall on the map so you can easily kill them.

The most aspect of this game is that the gameplay keeps you hooked and because of this the game shines. The game contains in total 21 characters which are also knows as “Mobiles”. They are mostly:-
1) Armor
2) Mage
3) Nak
4) Lightning
5) JD
6) A.state
7) J.Frog
8) Kalsiddon
9) Trico
10) Big boot
11) Boomer
12) Ice
13) Turtle
14) Grub
15) Raon launcher
16) Aduka
17) Maya
18) Wolf
19) Phoenix
20) Dragon
21) Knight
You don’t need to know their names so much just try each one of them and you will be able to choose the one you like the most. Remember each character has its own strengths and weaknesses. The mobiles that have the best qualities are Kalsiddon and Boomer which are very difficult to destroy once they reach the terrain and finally bring the enemies health to zero. The most powerful are the last two “Dragon” and “knight” who can only be tried if a player is lucky and gets it by chance and is that lucky to try it. This game contains extensive variety of just everything. As I said before each mobile has a different quality of its own and so it matters that what do you choose. Remember the whole depends on your right choosing of character. This game has in total five game modes which are there to give a spice to the game ad so the players don’t get bored playing the same mode again and again. Each mode provides each player with the amount of lives set by the game and is also dependent on the team that loses first. You can play with 8 players at max. Online and increase your experience. As you level up your heart beats like hell believe me you don’t want to leave the game. It becomes to become very difficult to get tired of playing this game.

Well, you obviously need a strategy before playing a game and decide all your plans before head and if by chance it doesn’t work then hard luck buddy!There are different attack modes set up accoding to your rank:-
1) 1
2) 2
3) Special shot
Special shot provides you with extra points and the 1st one obviously provides you with the least points. If you meet with a guy that kills you every time you meet him then it is possible that you have to shoot twice or thrice you kill him. But the stats like the double kill will let your opponents with two turns in which the probability is to kill or die. There is a lot of hard work done in improving its sound effects but you need to really don’t care about all these things you just have to kill and earn points with a respect among all the players playing in the game. Your reputation is very important in the game. The players should fear when you enter the game. The players should like a pro but for that you need to do a lot of hard work and effort.

There is an extensive selection of avatars in this game. You can customize your character whenever you want but you need money for that. But the better stuffs for your character are only available in the game shop of this game and many other guns and a lot of variety but can only be bought by real money. But don’t think that you are wasting your money, because the stuff that you buy is really awesome looks great on your character and other players will keep staring at your character. There is a kind of mode known as avatar off mode which make your game to play fo free. But avatars are still good to buy as they look so cool and dashing!!

I believe that this game is not made for everyone and if you don’t like the game play or you fail to understand the game or you don’t like the graphics I believe that this game is not met for you. The another problem is the hackers that enter the room the room changes from heaven to hell which destroys all the fun and you just want to leave the room even if you were the best player in that room you get frustrated and leave the room. But I say the hacker after some time gets banned by the site so no fun. As compared to ijji I would say it has really concentrated on this issue and are successful.

It has a very well build graphics and a lot of stuff available in the market and is cheap and leads to a lot of fun. It has a good variety of characters and avatars. The drawback of this game is it has a slow based gameplay but, for those who enjoy this kind of gameplay, it is an awesome game for them.

So this is the end of my guide!!!!! I hope you came to know a lot…If you have any problems or if you find some default please don’t fear to tell me I am always there to help you!!!!!!!


idiotstunt posted at 2012-07-06 08:54:03

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