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:::::::::::::Game Review (Special Edition)::::::::::::



Hey guys I am idiot stunt and the following passage will give you a brief description on the game.



 SmileI have played this game for a long time and so I almost know about every aspect about the game. This game can be known as 2D first shooter game and believe me after playing this game I feel like I am thet world. The graphics are a bit cartoony types. The game is type of other game like soldier front as know is a very famous game. Players Roam around the map enjoying and killing all the enemies around. But a player has to keep a fixed target to get instant kills. The player not just has to move but jump and kill. The core gameplay of this game is quite interesting. In this whoever brings their opponents hit points to zero wins the match and is awarded accordingly. Players can also win by underneathing the enemies which may cause them to fall off the map.Smile


 ♣This game shines because of its variety in everything. There are in total 21 characters also known as mobiles. There are many types of mobiles and some of them are as follows:-



           1)      Mage


2)      Armor


3)      Nak


4)      Lightning


5)      JD


6)      A.State

no pic available

7)      J.frog

8)      Kalsiddon

9)      Trico


10)   Big foot 


11)   Boomer


12)   Ice


13)   Turtle

14)   Grub


15)   Raon launcher 

16)   Aduka 

no pic available 

17)   Maya

18)   Wolf

no pic available 

19)   Phoenix

20)   Dragon

21)   Knight


Like each and every game each mobile has its own strengths and weaknesses the mobile liked by me the most is Kalsiddon and boomer but they are a difficult to aim but the other ones that can underneath opponents and the terrain are the better ones. The most powerful are the last two commonly known as the dragon and knight and can only be received if a player selects the mobile as random as lucky and gets it. I should say this game has an extensive variety.  Each mobile is distinctly different, so gameplay is extremely varied depending on which mobile you

decide to play as. Gunbound also has five different game modeswhich can be played to spice up the game, but the only one that’s really played is score mode which basically gives each team a set number of lives and whichever team runs out of lives first loses the match. You can play online with up to 8 people at once in team mode or solo matches.

      There is a large selection of levels too and makes it much more fun. I would say it is very hard to leave the addiction of this game.


There is lot of strategy required in this game as this game requires a lot of brain and if you want to survive you have to use your brain and move ahead. Each mobile has different delays like some are higher and some of course less. If someone plays better than you then don’t try to hide yourself as in this game the guy who attacks more wins the battle. Whenever you shoot just avoid hitting the enemy on his/her leg as it may not reduce much hp but if you hit him on his chest of head then if may kill him in 3-4 shots max. Double kills give your opponents two chances to kill. But still you can have a lot of fun without understanding all this delay system and stuff.


 InnocentThe items that upgrade your attributes are commonly known as avatars. The gold earned by you while playing this game can be used by you in buying different avatars and making good quality and attractive characters. There are possibly more than hundred items in this game that can be purchased in the shop but these days as we know parents don’t allow youngsters to buy all this stuff and so I recommend you to visit which provides you free game currency but for that you need to write guides and win the weekly contest and then enjoy. The site sometimes provides with some kind of offers like you buy this and you get something or the other. This is where the greed comes and let the greed come and please come to the site can get what you want.Innocent


You will like the game a lot. The publisher of this game has done a lot of hard work in improving the status of this game and has done a brilliant job to improve every aspect of this game. This game doesn’t contain any kind hackers like ijji. But ijji has now transferred to aeria games and has done a good job as it is now hacker free.


So this is the end of my guide!!!!! I hope you came to know a lot…If you have any problems or if you find some default please don’t fear to tell me I am always there to help you!!!!!!!




idiotstunt posted at 2012-07-28 14:28:35

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