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merchant strats


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merchant strats

Merchants are all about the money. That's why you'll need to kill monsters and get those rare items in your hands. I recommend starting with these stats:

STR: 9, AGI: 9 and VIT: 9.

DO NOT raise your luk as this will have no effect. Your AGI can stay as it is, 9. Concentrate on raising your STR and VIT. I suggest raising your STR to about 20 and your VIT to 20 initially, then start raising your DEX for more accuracy.

When you fight as a novice, you'll start in the map Alberta. If you go up and left of the map, there'll be a waypoint to a forest. Start with Porings and Fabres first. Lunatics will be okay also, but watch out for your health.

Merchants should never use swords or anything like that because later skills can be only used by axes. I suggest you start with the normal axe as it is quite strong and cheap as well (500 zeny). When you become a merchant, (job lvl. 10), you can learn discount by raising your 'increase weight limit' to lvl 3. Then, when you raise your discount lvl to 3, you'll get to learn overcharge which increases the cost of the items you want to sell (the higher the skill, the higher you can charge the NPCs, which is the same as discount.)

xTcK posted at 2011-05-17 10:35:30

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