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mage leveling


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mage leveling

Fire Mages

If you really want to level up as a fire mage, get LV 10 fire bolt and lv 10 fire wall (plus all the other skills need to get these, lv5 fireball and lv1 sight), then find an aggressive or cast sensing monster that you can kill.

Next, go to a map that has alot of that monster. However, be certin that there are not other more powerful and agressive monsters on that map. When you find an enemy cast a firewall between you both, then cast a firebolt right away. The monster will charge towards you but will be stopped by the wall you put up earlier. If the bolt doesn't kill it then cast another firewall and repeat.

Ice/Lightening Mages

Get LV 10 frost driver and LV 10 lightning bolt. Frost drive enemies until they are frozen (retreat when an enemy is too close) then hit them with a lv10 lightning bolt. This works great because the enemy takes extra damage because it is frozen (frozen monsters are changed to water properity). Once again if the monster does not die rinse wash and repeat.

Soul Strike also goes good with all mage types because of how fast it casts. So get it if you have extra room in your build.

Lastly, if you are serious about your mage and want to be a good wizard then you better go to job lv 50 before you become a wizard. The extra 10 skills really come in handy.

xTcK posted at 2011-05-17 10:32:11

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