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Leave Basic Training with Baselvl9 nd Joblvl7


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Leave Basic Training with Baselvl9 nd Joblvl7

1. First you talk to the first chick you meet when starting the game 2 times.. she'll level your base by one.

2. After talking to the guy that asks you if you want to learn the basics (you say yes of course) talk to the guy in on the left first. Just click thru his lesson and you should leave a couple of job and base levels higher.

3. Talk to the guy in the middle (make sure you take all the lessons in this room) click thru his lesson to be a couple of job and base levels higher.

4. Now here is where everyone messes up.... Talk to the chick the give the lesson on items... and go slowly and read carefully.. she will first give u a potion and take some of your health, when she says to drink it DO IT, if you mess up she will say that you can drink it later and you will not get the base level up. Then she will give u some equipment and ask you to put the slippers on.. just put it all on and youll get the base level up.. after that you can click tru thr rest and you will be around base level 6 job level 6.

5. WAIT YOUR NOT DONE IN THIS ROOM... another thing most people dont do is talk to the kafra employee. Talk to her and ask for information. Then go down the list quickly viewing the info (its nothing new) and she will level you up 1 level in both base and job.

6. You can be lasy and walk or you can have the kafra employee warp you to the next room... just walk to the left there is nothing in the room to the right...and before you go to the hunting grounds talk to the only man in the room. Just click thru his dialoge and go to info. You are now baselvl8 joblvl7. This is where i stop and go get my job in the last room, or train a little. But to get base level9 you must be willing to die ( I dont like dieing since supposedly Super Novices get a special item if they dont die as regular novices) allow yourself to be killed and the receptionist that sent you out in the first place will lvl you up and give you 50 extra potions.

Well thats pretty much it.. if you go to the last room and take the job they want you to have they give you the best lvl1 weapon you can have instead of and Adventure Suit depending on their class selection. You dont have to take that job (DUH) but the weapon is the best youll have for a while plus they give you some extra items as well.Oh and if you get to Al De Baran and still have some teleportation tickets (you only get these after you accept the job they assign you in the room.. remember you get them in the room,you dont have to stick with the job, just go with what they say to get the free stuff) you can trade them in for cold hard cash in the back room of the main kafra headquarters.v

xTcK posted at 2011-05-17 10:31:56

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