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Enemies, Farming, and Challenge Guide


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Enemies, Farming, and Challenge Guide

For single player mode:

- Focus on putting Crit up to max.
- Once Crit is at max, focus on Health
- Finally focus on Ammo.

Your 1st purchase should always be the $60,000 Desert Eagle (Handgun) - this makes Vaccination and Gold retrieval missions a hell of a lot easier.
Your 2nd purchase should be the $80,000 Sniper Rifle (the best weapon for the end boss)


Normal Zombies - Slow, not much of a threat
Fat Zombies - Slow but take more damage. Not very threatening.
Fast Zombies - Weak but fast, high priority to kill.
Dogs - Weak, fast and once they grab you, you cannot move until they have been shot. Top priority to kill (Note: Grenade Launchers will always miss once they grab you. Switch to handgun).
Exploding Zombies - Slow and weak but explosion can do a fair bit of damage. Ignore or shoot at a distance - they are not very threatening unless you're doing a survivor mission (their explosion can deal a lot of damage to survivors)
Lickers - Stationary but can grab you from a distance. Can be killed from a distance - simply aim your gun to where their tongue has grabbed you.

Money Farming

Scene 14 (Get 3 Vaccines - Hold them tight)

The best level to gain money fast. Simply use an MG (avoid shotty's or slow weapons) and just grab the Vaccine's as quick as possible. Never let go of the Vaccines (otherwise the challenge will fail). This level can be completed in less than two minutes quite easily and rewards $7,000. Grabbing a Gold Bullion will increase your reward to $8,000 - though only ever go for the one's nearby (don't waste time by actively looking for one). With a Desert Eagle, this mission can be done even quicker.

Doing this 12 times can get your from $0 to $84,000, enough to purchase the top-end guns.

Advanced Money Farming

Scene 28 (Get 5 Vaccines - Hold them tight)

If you've reached this far, this is the best way to farm money. This level is best done with a Machinegun as you'll only be facing the weak but fast zombies. On a good run, this level can be completed in 2 minutes 15 seconds, but with bad placements of vaccines, it could take 3 minutes or over. Don't drop a vaccine. You will be rewarded with $16,500.

Final Scene - How to I beat the challenge? (Defeat boss in 180 seconds)

Equip the best Sniper Rifle in the game. Make sure your Crit and Health is at max. Use Crit equipment (6% crit + 3% crit) and the Power equipment (6% power).

Run in and check if one of the two FRONT eyes are open. If not quit and retry. If a Front Eye is open, unload all sniper bullets into it and ignore any zombie monsters (let them chomp at you). If you're lucky, you might defeat the eye before it closes. If not don't worry, just run to another eye. What you want to do is make sure you defeat two eyes next to each other, this makes things a lot easier. Once two eyes are defeated next to one another, simply stand between the two living eyes. Now it's easier to spot which opens and unload all bullets into it. Only recover ammo when you're all out and don't grab a health pack unless you're in dire need of one. Once all eyes are defeated simply unload a hail of bullets to the brain.

This challenge requires a lot of luck and guessing.

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