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Easy Way To Get Your Swordman To a Crusader/Knight In 3 Days!!


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Easy Way To Get Your Swordman To a Crusader/Knight In 3 Days!!

This is the best way to get the best swordman.

First get your basic skills up to lvl9 then go to Izlude and change your job at the swordman hall.

Once your a swordman go and buy your self a basic sword they cost around 100z-600z its really cheap but it doesnt have good attack power but you will make up for it.
Then go kill some porings untill you have enough money to buy 150 red potions, the reason why you have to get red potions is go down of pront, then east and you will come to poporing land. Kill the potions but be carefull you dont die keep using your red potions untill your lvl 25.
Once your lvl 25 go to the Ant Hill and do some quick killing which is really easy there and stay there till your lvl 32.
Now your lvl 32, now go and kill pecopeco's untill your lvl 37 and then go to payon(get a warp from kafra). Go East twice and you'll encounter smokies kill the smokies and use bash if to kill it quickly stay here till your lvl 40.
Now your lvl 40 ask a priest/aco for a Alde-Baren Warp or go to kafra.
Once your in Alde-Baren Go to the Toy Factory kill the Cookies and Xmas-cookies till your lvl 51. Now This is the most easiest part Leave Alde-Baren and go to Orc's Dungeon and kill all the orc zombies and skeletons and you will become lvl 54 and job lvl 40 if your going to job lvl 50 stay in the orc Dungeuon till your lvl 59 then go Back To the Toy Factory and go in the 2nd lvl and kill the cruisers and mystcases this will get your up to lvl 63,job lvl 50 in 3 hours.

keep raising your Str and your dex till max

This is important and this is in order so dont mess it up!!
Lvl 10 Increase HP Recovery
Lvl 10 One Hand Mastery
Lvl 10 Provoke
Lvl 5 endure
Lvl 5 Magneum Break

Good Luck!!!!

xTcK posted at 2011-05-17 10:30:18

gr8 guild for beginners
bonsly posted 8 years 35 weeks ago

gr8 guild for beginners

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