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Earning money


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Earning money

To be quite honest there is no certain cheat to gain loads amount of cash in the game in such short period of time. To be rich you got to work for it!

This are 3 ways which most people do to get rich:
Hunting, Vending and MVPing (Scamming is illegal)

It is the most basic way to get money. Staying in a map which drops rares is one of the best way to earn money. Though the percentage drop of a rare item/card is very low, you got to spend hours killing the same monster and at the same time trying not to get yourself killed. So try not to hunt in difficult areas, go for more non-aggresive and less damaging monsters.

For example: Thara Frog
They are easy to kill and have loads of them in one map but the only rare they have is their card. As their card is worth about $2-3million zennies!

*Note* MOST card drop percentage is 0.01%
It also varies on the server you are playing on.

If you abuse the skills which a the 'Merchant class' has and have good common-sense...this method is no trick.
Merchant has two money making skills:
'Discount' and 'Overcharge' skill

Discount skill- reduces the price of items/equips sold by NPCs. Which means you can buy the item for alot cheaper than the usual price!

Overcharge skill- Sells stuff to NPC for more than its current value.

The method is:
Sell all your loot by your merchant!! With the overcharge skill maxed you will be earning 5-7k more than usual!


Buying the pot/items from NPC and selling it at a price where your comsumer(other players) will benefit and you gain as well.
Normal Red Pot cost 50z
You buy: 37z (With Discount)
Sell to others: 45z

You gain: 8z Per pot you sell!
It may not look much but once you sell it at a large scale or sell more value items, you will see the benefit from it.

The hardest method of all. MVP are Monster bosses and they drop lots of rares which you can gain from through vending(selling to other players). The reason this method is hard is that, you will need a very strong character to take down a MVP. Soloing the MVP is a very difficuly task so going with a group of friends or guildmates is recommended. Also the drop rate percentange of rare items are low, so dont hope for it to drop once y

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