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Guardian Moderators are the FanUp members who are here to serve and protect the FanUp community. These awesome Guardians are willing to to go the extra mile to make sure that FanUp is 100% A-O-K for all users and that the content being posted is real and valuable.

All Guardians have committed to special responsibilities regardless of their level of guardianship. These responsibilities include being available to all members for questions and answers, chat moderation, content moderation and other special projects for FanUp. Feel free to give them a shout-out!

FanUp Master Guardians

FanUp Master Guardians

FanUp Journeyman Guardians

FanUp Journeyman Guardians

FanUp Apprentice Guardians


FanUp New Guardians

If you think you have the awesomeness to be a FanUp Guardian then send an email to moderator(at) Pick Me to be a Guardian!



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