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Wee World

WeeWorld is a virtual world for teens to visit and create avatars called WeeMees. The most attractive feature of the site is the wide choice of virtual items you get for dressing up the avatars, to offer as gifts, and also to add to your place of living. Each of your chosen product talks about your preferences, characteristics, media, and the brand you love – its an extension of your virtual personality. Leading advertisers are contacted and virtual goods, millions in numbers, are either purchased or downloaded to the site quite often. The popularity of the site has been increasing tremendously among the teens. Registration is free and so also are the unique products offered here for the players.

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    Details or background information (Optional) Details or background...
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    I need get gold fast ... help me plz!!!.... preciso mt disso... agradeço...
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    watch videos upgrade take surveys take offers buy points search every...

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    WeeWorld, published by WeeWorld Ltd, is a 3D virtual world offering free...

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