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War Rock & Roll

Contest has ended, Congrats to our winners!

First Place tyurtyhdhyj - WarRock Angel

Second Place llfr4nll - Thriller!!

Third Place 'porqe Y. Molestarse - Do You Think I'm Sexy?

Runner Up geiiil - Weird

Runner Up cal-0fduty - Sky Fighters



Greetings FanUppers, We've got another contest for you promoted in part by out good friends at Gamersfirst.

War Rock & Roll!!!

The rules are simple, show us how creative you can be matching song lyrics, song titles, artist name, album names or just about anything musical to your War Rock screenshots. For exsample....


now for a couple of quick rules...

1. Screenshot must belong to you, no google fishing.

2. Please avoid being too vulgar, if you wouldn't say it in front of an old lady well then maybe you shouldn't say it here.

3. You can enter as many times as you like, but as usual if it looks spammy you will be disqualified.

4. Don't assume everyone knows the song/artist/title you are quoting. after leaving your caption in the description,, tell us where the caption comes from underneath it.

5. You may modify the screenshots as you wish as long as it is recognizable as War Rock.


Judging and Prizes

Entries will be judged on Fans, Humor, Wit, Quality of Shot etc.

First Place - 2000 FanBucks

Second Place - 1500 FanBucks

Third Place - 1000 FanBucks

& Two Runner Ups - 500 FanBucks

Contest Ends September 7th

Best of luck to all, Get Rockin!

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