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TapTap Revenge

If you love throbbing music and fast action gameplay, TapTap Revenge is definitely for you. Enjoy the feel of demolishing your multiplayer opponents while listenting to many of the current best-selling hits. This game is well-deserving of its whopping 4.5 stars. New track downloads every week keep the action fresh. Chat with your friends, decorate your Avatar and earn rewards, enter contests and win fabulous prizes. This music game has it all.

  • Familiarize Yourself With Songs Fans (1) Comment (2)
    You have better chances at getting a better score when you are familiar to...
  • Getting better Fans (3) Comment (0)
    Ah, yes. Tap Tap Revenge. This game can be fun, addicting, sometimes...
  • Hand Positioning Fans (2) Comment (0)
    Hello, itouchisfun with a Tap Tap Revenge guide...

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