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Soldier Front 2

Soldier Front 2 is an MMOFPS game packed with realism and clan warfare; which is the successor of Soldier Front. It is Dragonfly’s most important release after teaming up with Aeria Games. “A new Cold War" has broken out and you find yourselves in combat between US American forces (MAF) and Russian forces (AUA) and choose your character out of the elite fractions: Delta Force, GAFE, SAS and Spetnaz. Soldier Front 2 is based on the Unreal Engine 3, graphically enhanced and offers dynamic and fast-paced game play, especially the unlimited Sprint feature results in fast-paced, sometimes frenetic combats. Well you can purchase various in-game items with the help of Aeria Points, like items for your character such as body armor, gas mask, etc. Although the maps main design remains the same, but have enhanced it much more, making it look much more realistic. One of the best features is the new dynamically destructible items such as buildings and vehicles. Customize your weapons and gear to fit your play style using in game currency and Aeria points.

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