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Presenting FanUp’s Sick Summer Viral Video Contest! 



Winners are here!

Rochelle - Minecraft Dupe - 8483 Views!

Rales - ZeroArmada Hack - 1402 Views!

tboy69910 - m4 Ace - 1049 Views!

All winners placed according to the number of valid views their video acquired,

and that's it! Congrats to our winners!



Win 10,000 FanBucks ($100) 

So you want to win $100 worth of FanBucks at FanUp?  Then create the sickest and most viral YouTube game video for your chance to win 10,000 FanBucks ($100)

All Prizes based on the most number of video views:

First Prize:  10,000 FanBucks ($100) 

Second Prize:  5,000 FanBucks ($50) 

Third Prize:  2,500 FanBucks ($25) 


Entry Guidelines:

  1. Compadres! Create your best video to show off your most extreme, awesome, funny and earth-shattering gaming moment or your favorite and most awe-inspiring FanUp experience that others will find really amazing.
  2. Each entry must include the following FanUp clip at the beginning or ending of your video.  These clips can be downloaded here FanUp YouTube Splash Intro (more clips will be made avalible feel free to remove music or edit it down to fit your taste.) If you like you are welcome to mention FanUp in the video another way. This will help us ensure the video is recent.
  3. Post your video onto YouTube and copy and paste the YouTube code into this FanUp Sick Summer Game Video Contest page video section below
  4. Each entry must include the word “FanUp” in the title and "FanUp" and "#fanupsickvideo" as tags. 
  5. If you tweet, use the  #fanupsickvideo hash tag and don't forget to mention @FanUp1
  6. No entries will be considered if they promote how to cheat FanUp or any other currency marketplace or offerwall or if it includes offensive, defamatory or misleading content.
  7. The contest will run from 6-14-12 through 8-15-12 9:00 pm, Pacific Time
  8. Finally, this video should NOT BE A COMMERCIAL FOR FANUP. people arn't going to want to see you talking about how great we are, we appreciate it but it's not interesting and it wont go viral. Remember just keep the videos fun and you'll do well.
  9. As a final rule Your video statistics must be public!


Top 10 ways to help your video go viral:

  1. Tell everyone you know about your video.  Create links and post your video code on your Facebook page, tweet about it, blog about it and show it off to your clan mates and in your favorite game forums…every where you can.  PUMP IT UP!
  2. Do a little research to find ways to help your video go viral with seeding, shared links and back links. See what others have done before and take notes so your video does not get banned. 
  3. Go big with the title, make it controversial, epic, gross, ridiculous.  Use popular topical, interesting, searchable and descriptive keywords in your description, titles and tags.  Use words/phrases like "epic", "fail", "hilarious", etc.  Your description should also include your most important title and tag words.
  4. Add your personal comments to other popular and related videos and describe the link to your video.  But be sincere and develop a relationship with that blogger, forum, whomever.  
  5. Use your YouTube analytics tool to track where your viewers are coming from and where they aren’t coming from.  Then go to those places to promote your video and develop relationships with those key video influencers.
  6. When you find someone who has passed along your video share the love by thanking them.  They may become your tipping point! 
  7. Your videos should be creative, original and worth watching and sharing. Always remember to add your own special something to make your video unique. 
  8. Make an eye-catching thumbnail image. Edit your video so YouTube gives you the best possible options for thumbnails
  9. Don’t be afraid to make it personal, use voice overs or live commentary to try and catch that special something that people can relate to.
  10. Keep your video entertaining, short and sweet and under 2 minutes 


Any remaining contest questions can be

directed at Splooshi. good luck to everyone!!

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