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Plants vs. Zombies

Plants vs. Zombies offers you 50 fun-filled deadly levels of gameplay that take you through night, day, fog and swimming pools. Battle with a mob of 26 zombies that invade your house with the help of 49 zombie-zapping plants like wall nuts and peashooters. Each zombie has its own skill and so you quickly need to figure out ways to combat them. You have a limited supply of seeds and greens so use them wisely to win the game.

  • Yeti zombie help Fans (0) Comment (0)
    Is there a certain amount of times you can kill the yeti zombie? If so,...
  • what is this game? Fans (0) Comment (1)
    what is this game? what are you supposed to do? just fight plants vs...
  • donde puedo descargarlo ? Fans (0) Comment (1)
    plants vs zombies es un buen juego ? es compatible con windows 7, cual es...

  • Guide : Plants Fans (5) Comment (1)
    • Sun Flower - A resource generating unit. Quite possibly the first basic...
  • Beginner’s Guide Fans (1) Comment (5)
    Plants Vs. Zombies ===== P Vs. Z ===== Beginner’s Guide ===== P Vs. Z...
  • Plants Vs. Zombies 1-7 Fans (11) Comment (0)
    Plant Wall-nuts early, but place them carefully (again) 1 1 2...

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