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A Guide to Gangplank by Rales.


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League of Legends Champion Gangplank

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A Guide to Gangplank by Rales.

So i have been playing Gangplank a lot lately. More so lately than before because of the recent buff that he received which was:
Grog-Soaked Blade-
No longer reduces healing and regeneration, but now slows movement speed by 7%
Now stacks up to 5 times, but duration reduced to 3 seconds from 10
Damage changed to 4-21 from 5-19
Fixed a bug where Parrrley could sometimes restore gold to other players
Now applies Grog-Soaked Blade
Raise Morale-
Duration increased to 7 from 6
Cannon Barrage-
Damage increased to 75/120/165 from 65/110/155
Well how do these changes change the way Gangplank is played? Well for one its going to be a lot easier to follow up with your critical attacks since Parrrley now slows. And a slight buff to his ultimate. Overall its a lot easier to get kills early game. Especially if you lane with a champion that can stun (Sion, Taric, Leona, etc).
I usually have a full critical chance page. Why? Well for a couple of reasons,
  1. Early game their is a lot higher chance of getting kills because you will land a critical most often. I can usually burst down a level 1 Ashe with 3 hits if i get lucky.
  2. If you jungle (this is not recommended unless you know how to jungle properly) it helps a lot with bursting down the golems and lizard.
But thats what i do. Others tend to do the following, Health Quints, Health Yellows and Cooldown/Magic Resist Blues. I don't do that because I like to kill people, especially early game.
If you are going pure critical or armor pen with Attack Damage these are the masteries you should have:
  Now let me explain that a bit. Offensive mastery tree pretty much is self explanatory we want as much damage as we can get. As for utility we want to get the extra experience gain because sometimes we are forced to go jungle because of the enemies you are facing. But usually I just pick the extra experience because if you can out level your enemies it just allows you to burst them down quicker since their going to be lower level and have lower level skills.
Top Tier Spells
 A fantastic spell that I consider to be irreplaceable on any champ, especially Gangplank. You need to be mobile and this spell gives you it.
 My preferred spell. Mixing this and your passive puts out a deceptive amount of damage that can land you an early kill.
 Another good choice, as it gives Gangplank another escape mechanism. Popping this over a wall can get you out of a lot of sticky situations.
 Damage mitigation, slow and you can reduce armor? Fantastic! Offensive, Defensive so many uses for this spell. Might want to take this if you're stuck going 1v1 on top lane. Added CC can save you from a jungle gank.
First off you should level Parrrley for obvious reasons (the damage and the fact that it can also apply his passive for some extra damage and it can also apply the critical chance that you have).
Then you will want to level Remove Scurvy. Remove Scurvy is an excellent skill, this is the bread and butter for Gangplank. Take for example the following scenario:
 -You are in bottom lane, lanning against Ashe and Taric both of which have stuns. You're level 7 and their level 6. Ashe decides to use her Frost arrow ultimate on you and your stunned, by the time they get to you, you're out of the stun then Taric restuns. What do you do? Use Remove Scurvy.
Then you level your ultimate and Raise Morale. But this is how it should look level by level.
-Level 1: Parrrley
-Level 2: Remove Scurvy
-Level 3: Parrrley
-Level 4: Raise Morale
-Level 5: Remove Scurvy
-Level 6: Cannon Barrage
-Level 7: Parrrley
-Level 8: Parrrley
-Level 9: Remove Scurvy
-Level 10: Parrrley
-Level 11: Cannon Barrage
-Level 12: Remove Scurvy
-Level 13: Remove Scurvy
Then for the rest of the levels level Raise Morale.
This is where people usually get confused or are like "WHY THIS ITEM?". No Worries ill explain in as much detail as I can. Start off with the following item/s:
  -Brawler Gloves and 2x Health Potion:
This allows you to harass your enemies and get some more critical chance. With the Gloves you should have around 25% critical chance. Although its random sometimes you can even get 4-5 critical strikes in a row.
  -Upgrade Brawler Gloves to Avarice Blade and buy Shoes (Tier 1) and Philosopher Stone along with a ward and 2x Health Potions.
Focus boots(Tier 2) over the Cloak of Agility. Having your Ult up when it's needed and your Parrrley always off cooldown are important for a good Plank. Your Parrrley should be hitting pretty hard by now and your crit chance will be high enough to make people back off. Be not afraid to harass instead of farm, the extra gold is sexy but keeping your adversaries terrified and low hp are better.
  -Buy 2 Cloaks of Agility but prioritize B.F Sword
BF Sword is your first major damage item, and getting this somewhat early really kicks your crits up a notch. Because you lack any real armor penetration you need the damage to make up for it. Get this before any more crit items, and build it into an Infinity Edge ASAP.
  -By now you should have enough gold for a Infinity Edge
Infinity Edge is when you become a legitimate threat. Your hand cannon will now take chunks off of people's healthbars and squishies will run as soon as they see you. Grabbing the extra Cloak of Agility will get you to a respectable crit chance. At this point you'll also start one-shotting minions on a regular bases, so farm will require less forethought. Remember to mix in the Parrrley whenever it's off cooldown as well.
  -Ghostblade is the next item that you should be getting as it gives a little of everything.
Ghostblade gives Gang everything he needs and wants. CDR, Crit armor penetration and a sexy active. By the time you've turned your Avarice it's paid for itself. By now teamfights are beginning to break out, stay in the back and use the active after team fights not before. Better to chase faster and run faster then.
**Note: DO NOT forget to use the active when it's needed.
  -From here on you should be building Warmogs and Phantom Dancer once that's complete build situational items. For example, If the enemy team has a lot of magical casters then build Banshees and Force of Nature. If they have a lot of Attack Damage (Ashe, Caitlyn, Master Yi) build Thornmail.
Farm Like a Boss-
  Always find time to put down those uppity minions, get farmed if you can't get fed. Your Parrrley and your gold per 10's will help you do this, but don't be afraid to auto attack out a creep wave to back to your team end game or use your ult to clear one if you're in base and need a few extra gold to finish an item.
You need to learn this as Gangplank. Float like a butterfly and sting like a goddamn battleship. Use your speed and cleanse ability to weave into enemy range and pop your shots off. Target squishies if possible, tanks if necessary, uppity minions if there's nothing else. Never stop moving and never move in unless you know that you're going to get the kill.
You Have a Buffed Cleanse-
  I can't stress this enough. So many new Gangplank fanatics forget to use one of their best spells when it counts most. Yes, your Remove Scurvy is more than a decent self heal. Remember to capitalize on it to get out of suppressions, slows, roots, fears, silences, taunts, etc. it is your get out of jail free card. You can also use it to bait someone into closing the gap, wasting their defense CC or mislead them into thinking you are at lower health (a surprise 360 HP can get a lot of over-confident carries killed).
Cannon Barrage Slow nets Assists-
  If you see a fight breaking out in a lane, fire off the cannon. Net yourself an assist and let your lane mates know you care. If you happen to KS apologize and go buy your Infinity Edge.
Wards are Over Powered-
  Buy them early game, force people to buy them for you late game. You need map awareness, this will make or break games. Ward in front of baron, dragon, neutral buffs and in choke points where ganks are common. Placing some outside of your base walls if you've gotten pushed, or within your enemies base if you're pushing will allow you and your team to harass enemies easily. Don't forget that grabbing Oracle's Elixir end game will let you destroy your enemy's map awareness as well. Supports generally grab one around mid game, but when your item build is finished and you have gold to spare go ahead and pick one up.

A guide by Rales.

Rales posted at 2011-07-16 15:08:32

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