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Fly For Fun (FLYFF)

Fly for Fun is an adventure based MMORPG game where the ultimate aim to conquer the skies. To kill monsters by working in groups is the main motive of this massively multiplayer fantasy game. Classes at level 15, and sub-classes at level 60 are chosen by players. Job changes are a characterized feature of this game. When a player reaches a desired level, a job is complete. This is how the players become masters. Now by finishing the desired jobs the players eventually become heroes. There are several classes to be chosen from according to skills.

  • level up Fans (2) Comment (0)
     The BasicsTo level up you always kill enemies at least on your level...
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     When your character reaches level 15 deveremos eslejir to which we...
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    Guide to Ranger Finally we pass the ranger in the analysis. -Aoe: An...
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    Bow Jester Guide Now we pass the test the bow jester Hi, as title say the...
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    Guide to YoyoJester Now we speak of yoyoJester Hello everyone, the most...
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